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27 December, 2019 | 4 min read

Heart Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

10 Foods to Eat for Heart Health

The Many Benefits of Independent Living Communities

4 Reasons to Consider a Move into Assisted Living

First 3 Steps to Take if You are Thinking about Assisted Living

Three Things You Need to Know as You Consider Memory Care for Your Parents

Assisted Living Communities for Older Adults

How to Bring Up Assisted Living to Your Parents

Memory Care vs. Assisted Living: Which is Right for Your Parents?

Meet Mark and Barbara

How to Choose A Senior Independent Living Community in Sacramento, CA

How Much Will It Cost for My Mom to Move into Assisted Living?

What are the Signs that My Parents Might Need Memory Care?

Are Senior Living Communities Expensive in Sacramento, CA?

4 Quickest Ways to Determine if a Senior Living Community is a Good Fit

How to Help Your Parents Discover a Senior Living Community They Will Love

Meet our Movement Ambassador: Lonnie Capps

Wellness Tip: Light and Well-being

Unexpected Benefits of Moving to an Independent Living Community

Wellness Tip: Sit Less. Move More.

Deciding Between Assisted Living and Memory Care for Your Parent

Although Ballet Experience is Not Necessary; Movement is Required

Meet our Movement Ambassador: Bob Cleaves

Seated Exercises Designed to Improve Posture, Balance and Strength

Do All Assisted Living Communities Offer the Same Options?

Eskaton Ranked One of Top 50 Workplaces for Aging Services

Meet our Movement Ambassador: Yen Lu

September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month

Are there a lot of Options for Senior Living in Northern California?

Building Bridges: Presents Ruth

Wellness Tip: Managing Pain to Increase Cognitive Health

Amenities You Should Expect at a Modern Senior Living Community

Building Bridges: Presents Brenda

Wellness Tip: Supporting Brain Health

Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Community in Northern CA

Building Bridges: Presents Herb

Wellness Tip: Keeping Hydrated in August

Costs of Senior Living Communities in Northern CA vs. Costs of Living at Home

Wellness Tip: Practice Compassion with Yourself and Others

Building Bridges: Presents Zeke

Supporting Someone with Dementia at Home

91-year-old man and 90-year-old woman tie the knot after two years of dating

How to Get the Biggest Benefits of Walking

Choosing an Assisted Living Community for Your Parents in Sacramento, CA

Starting Your Morning with Breakfast

Jane: Age is Beautiful

What is the Difference between Memory Care and Assisted Living?

Staying Cool in Hot Weather

Building Bridges Presents Harry and Frances

Exploring Dementia Care Options

What is the Best Senior Independent Living Community in Sacramento?

Lessons from Playing Baseball in the South Pacific

How Can I Talk to My Mom About Assisted Living?

Eating Well as You Age

Best Independent Living Communities in Northern California

How a positive attitude about aging is good for your health

Is Independent Living Expensive?

Building Bridges Storytelling Project at Eskaton Village Grass Valley

What is the Difference Between Independent Living and Assisted Living?

How Much Money Does Assisted Living Cost?

Setbacks Are a Big Part of Success

When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Eskaton residents featured in Sacramento Bee

Gratitude Practices for a Healthy Mind and Body

Tips for Finding the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Parents

How to Determine if Your Mom Can Afford a Senior Living Community

How to Weigh the Different Options for Senior Care

The Art of Learning to Forgive

What Should I Do If My Parents Don’t Want to Move Into a Senior Living Community?

Processed Foods: What's OK and What to Avoid

Tips for Helping Your Parents through the Transition into Assisted Living

All You Need to Know about Migraine Relief

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Senior Care

How to Find Answers to Your Questions about Assisted Living

Alexa, Google or Siri: Which Assistant is Right for You?

Eskaton’s Well-Being Project: Disrupting Dementia

Eskaton Improves Health Outcomes Through An Innovative Approach to Rehabilitation

Reasons a Senior Living Community Could Be the Most Cost Effective Option

LeadingAge CA Mentor of the Year: Dr. Teri Tift

The True Cost of Care for Your Aging Parents

Eskaton Deploys Amazon Alexa to 100 Seniors in Assisted Living

My Mom is a Victim of ID Theft. How Can I Help?

Important Questions to Ask as You Search for a Senior Living Community

How Do I Ensure My Parents Consistently Get the Help They Need in Assisted Living?

How Do I Find Out Which Senior Care Community Ranks the Highest?

Eskaton Certified as a Great Place to Work®

What Can I Do to Make My Dad’s Transition into Assisted Living a Good One?

How Do I Help My Parents Understand the Benefits of Assisted Living?

I’m Not Sure if Assisted Living is the Right Option. How Do I Figure that Out?

Are There Any Real Differences Between the Various Senior Living Communities?

What are My Options for Assisted Living?

How Do I Tell Which Senior Living Community is Right for Me?

Recognizing Eskaton Volunteers

I'm Concerned about the Care My Mom Will Get in Assisted Living

Will My Dad Be Less Lonely In A Senior Living Community Than at Home?

Generations Working Together at Eskaton

Age is Beautiful and Has No Boundaries

How to Talk with Your Parents About Moving to Senior Living

Guiding Your Parents through the Process of Choosing a Senior Community

How Involved Should I Be In Helping My Parents Decide if Assisted Living is the Best Option?

Can My Parents with Different Needs Go to a Senior Living Community Together?

What Resources are Available to Help My Parents Transition into Assisted Living?

Tips for Helping Your Spouse Live Well  With Dementia

Will My Aging Parents Receive Proper Care in an Assisted Living Community?

Mathematician Discovers Poetry Later in Life

Top 3 Questions to Ask About the Level of Care at Any Assisted Living Community You are Considering

Exercises Designed to Reduce Risk of Falling

How Much Help Will My Parents Receive in an Assisted Living Community?

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Alert and Your Brain Well

Learn About Heart Health

How to Determine When It's Time to Move to Assisted Living

How Do I Compare the Costs of Keeping My Parents at Home Versus A Senior Living Community?

A Celebration of Love at O’Connor Woods in Stockton

Love Stories Around Eskaton

Choosing Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living

New partnership will help meet increased demand for elder care in Sacramento region

Is Assisted Living a Good Option for Seniors with Limited Mobility?

Can My Parents Afford to Move Into a Senior Living Community?

Addressing the Growing Need in Senior Living, The Trousdale, Opens in Burlingame

My Mom Has a Fixed Income - What Are Her Options for Senior Living?

Live Well at Home is Alive and Well in Greater Sacramento Region

Do I Have More than One Option When it Comes to Choosing a Senior Living Community?

5 Questions To Ask That Will Help You Decide If Senior Living is Right for You

Am I Too Young to Move into a Senior Living Community?

How Can I Learn About the Senior Living Communities in My Area?

Age Alone is Not the Cause of Changes in Appearance

And the 'Age is Beautiful' Photo Contest Winners are...

Sunsets Around Eskaton

Scammers are on the Prowl

Eskaton Urges Families to Look for Signs Senior Loved Ones Might Need Assistance

Maintaining Health & Well-Being in a Changing Reality

Homeless Woman Finds Permanent Housing at Eskaton

Nutrition: The Benefits of Vitamin C

Tips to Relax and Enjoy Life

Helping Your Parent Make the Decision to Move into a Senior Living Community

Will Senior Living Cost More than Staying in My Home?

Eskaton Examines What it’s Like to Live Well with Dementia

Philanthropy: Charitable Giving

7 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

Estate Planning: Do You Need a Revocable Trust?

Open Enrollment for Medicare Ends December 7

Preventing the Flu: Good Health Habits Can Help Stop Germs

What Are The Age Restrictions In Senior Living?

Can I Afford to Move Into an Senior Living Community?

Is it Time for Assisted Living? Advice From an Eskaton Nurse

Meet Patty: An Eskaton Spiritual Care Chaplain

Photo Contest: Give us your best shot

What happens when your parents say it's time to move?

What is dementia and how can you live well once diagnosed?

2018 Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease

Eskaton Lifts the Spirits of Lonely Seniors One Phone Call at a Time

Eskaton Brings Together Eight Nonprofits to Inspire Volunteerism

6 Tips To Improve Your Memory

How to Avoid Summertime Sickness

Winner: Best Senior In-Home Care

A Rekindled Friendship After Two Decades

Age is Beautiful: 1953 Chicago Cub’s Pitcher Recalls His Baseball Career

Age is Beautiful: Growing Up with the Giants

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

104 Year Birthday Celebration in Placerville

East Sacramento Woman Remembers When…

Eskaton Honored To Receive Two Industry Awards

Eskaton 2018 Volunteer Appreciation

Six Simple Tips For Managing Your Allergies

WWII Veteran Meets Someone Unexpected at Eskaton Village Grass Valley

You’re Invited June 2 to Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Eskaton Engages with Young Tech Innovators Working to Disrupt the Aging Experience

Eskaton Educates Seniors and Families About Navigating the Healthcare System

100 Seniors to Get Connected with Tablets and Smart Phones on May 7

Can You Hear Me Now?

Annual Wellness Fair in Carmichael

6 Things Everyone Should Know About Medicare  

Eskaton Ignites Potential Through Workforce Development Opportunities

6 Small Nutritional Changes to a Healthier You

10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Health

Eskaton Deploys Home Automation Tool to Help Keep Seniors Connected and Healthy in the Sacramento Region

23 Employees Recognized For Outstanding Service at Eskaton Village Carmichael

How to Maintain Goals

Eskaton Recognized as Top Senior Care Provider in the Nation

Eskaton Kids Connection Combats Loneliness by Introducing Elementary Students to Seniors

What does Senior Living look like today? It's kind of like a cruise ship on land!

Learn About ADLs and How to Recognize When Your Parent Needs Help

7 Ways to Help Fund Your Retirement Living

Make Healthier Choices When Dining Out

Homeless Veteran Finds Comfort at an Eskaton Affordable Housing Community

Eskaton’s Quality & Compliance Team Completes NRPC Certification Program

2017 Walk to End ALZ

5 Must Have Nutrients for Runners

Taking your Brain for a Walk: The Secret to Delaying Dementia

Four Things You Need To Know About Medical Studies In The News

Senior Approved Apps and Products for Healthy Living

Eskaton Hosts Free Fall Prevention Educational Workshops for Seniors

It’s the Annual “Gnome Coming” at Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park

How to Finance Senior Living

The Trousdale is Now Renting Apartments for 2018

Are You Using Sunscreen Correctly?

The Missile Man, Father and Husband

Eskaton Foundation Names Stephen Bender CEO of the Year

Eskaton Hayfork Manor Resident and Author of Best-Selling How-To Book

Satisfaction Results Are In: Eskaton Village Carmichael Celebrates 25 Years

Shining Light on Eskaton Residents

Circadian Lighting Enhances Residents’ Quality Of Life and Reduces Energy Usage by 22%

Eskaton FountainWood Lodge Chili Cook Off

Eskaton Partners with SMUD and Stack Labs to Enhance Comfort and Safety for Older Adults

April 18: Global Search hits Sacramento

Sacramento: A Startup Epicenter

Fruits and Vegetables help with Stress

Healthy Snacking is Important

Walking: How It Improves Your Health

Eskaton Staff Steps Up to Aid Flood Evacuees

Woman Walks 7k Steps a Day, Turns 100 Years Old...

Using the Altman Rule for Label Reading

6 Supermarket Shopping Tips

The 10 Best Foods for Your Heart

Celebrating Diversity: Ahmad Norouzi

Sacramento Area Startups Participate in Global Event on April 18, 2017

Resting Heart Rate: What Is It and How to Measure It

Celebrating Diversity: Sumiko Hall

Eskaton Biography Series: A Journalist's Life

Celebrating Diversity: Jia Kai Chu and Hui Wen Liu

Don’t Forget Your Older Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Intergenerational Activities at Eskaton Lassen Manor

Traveler Ben Jones

War Veteran Lowell E. “Mike” Grace by Kristina Kirilyuk

Artist Adele Graham

Ron’s Honest Living

Anna Beth Patton’s Wonderful Life

Benefits of Walking

Celebrating Diversity: Yu Mei Lin and Joung Hui Chen

The Adventurous Life of Ed Klingelhofer

Sailor, Geologist, Teacher

Ready for the Big Game

5 Benefits of Love & Chocolate

Eskaton Wins Two Prestigious Awards for Football-Themed No Falls League Video

Celebrating Diversity: Tong Yan

Betty & Jim with Elana, 7 years old

Stroll Through the Decades and Go Back in Time 100 Years

Celebrating Diversity: Kazuko Gafford

Meet Ed & 6 year old Blake

The Hands Behind Handmade

Senior Living: Ways to Finance Your Move

Celebrating Diversity: Sakinah Muhammad

Meet Maryhart & 2 year old Happy

Ready to Retire? Don’t Settle for Less

Celebrating Diversity: Mr. and Mrs. Wang

Ron & Dianne with Dinkie, 4 years old

What is a CCRC?

Growing Better All the time

Team Member of the Year: Housekeeper Candice Nutting

Bonnie Apple Social Service Coordinator at Eskaton Jefferson Manor

Celebrating Diversity: Enoch Laud-Darku

5 Signs It’s Time You're Ready to Move

Stay Healthy by Trying Something New In 2017

Keep Connected With Eskaton

Volunteers Combat Loneliness Among Isolated Seniors

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Eskaton Honored as Top Senior Living Provider in U.S.

When Are The Kids Coming To Eskaton?

Special Holiday Dinner at Eskaton Village Carmichael

5 Tips As You Tour Independent Living Communities

Fight to Stay Alive

How Your Diet Should Change At Age 50

Gaining An Understanding Of Another Generation

Lifetime of Art Showcased at Eskaton FountainWood Lodge

Singing to Keep Your Brain Fit

Staying Positive During The Holidays

What’s the breakfast of champions for seniors?

Music Awakens Happiness And Memories

Living Independently On Any Budget

Celebrating Diversity at Eskaton Hazel Shirley Manor

Happy 100th Birthday Anne

Do You Worry About Your Parent Taking Their Medication?

Learn what super foods you should be serving this holiday

Healthy Alternatives (with Chocolate!) To Christmas Cookies

The 5 Essentials to a Healthy Diet for Seniors


Pay Less, Get More with Year End Tax Moves For Seniors

Chaplain Lights the Way Home

Music In the Air at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Let’s go to the Movies!

Study: Internet Usage Up for Age 65+


4 Ways to get back on track after Thanksgiving

Burn Over 200 Calories While Shopping

Technology That Helps Your Parent Stay Healthy

Perfect Driving Record at 104 Years Old

3 Easy Places to Find Volunteer Opportunities that Fit You

What's happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael: 11/21~11/30

What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?

Keeping Your Parent Safe When You Can't Be There

Staying Connected To Family During The Holidays

How To Cope With A Loss

Things you Shouldn’t put in the Dishwasher

WWII Army Man, Columbia Graduate Shares His History

7 Questions To Ask To Compare Assisted Living Costs

How To Avoid Stress During The Holidays

Honoring Veterans With More Than Words

15 Questions To Ask About An Independent Living Home

Dining Service Staff Hosted a Wonderful Halloween Dinner

Meet Betty & 16 year old Josh

3 Common Assisted Living Payment Models

Preparing For Cyber Monday

Tips For Healthy Eating During The Holidays

What's happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael 11/1~11/13

9 Questions Every CCRC Should Answer For You

Getting Back on Track after Halloween

Sales Counselors Gave an Excellent Tour of Eskaton Village Carmichael

WWII GI Turns 100 years old in Carmichael

How To Pay For Assisted Living?

I’m Retired - Let The Fun Begin!

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard: Go Vote!

Find The Independent Living Community That Fits You

What's happening Eskaton Village Carmichael

Eskaton Intergenerational Program Adopted by 31 Classrooms in Northern California

Determining What You Can Afford

Helping Your Parent Know When It's Time

Helping Your Parent Move When You Can't Be There

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Don't Wait: Does The Community You Want Have A Waitlist?

The Health Benefits Of Music

You’re Never Too Old To Try Something New

Eskaton’s Book Club is a Page Turner for Mob Enthusiasts

How To Stay Active During The Holidays

A Road Map For Your Assisted Living Community Tour

9 Questions To Ask About Meals And Dining Services

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

The Best Is Yet To Come

Navigating The Senior Living Community Waitlist

Tips For Budgeting For Your Senior Living Needs

Living Alone Is Not For Me

What Could I Miss If I Wait To Choose A Senior Living Community

Weekly Wellness Tip: Cancer Fighting Foods

Cafe Opened on Holiday Specially for Residents

What Life Lessons Seniors Can Learn From Kids

Keep Connected With Family Who Live Away

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

What A Brochure Doesn’t Tell You About An Independent Living Community

Can My Parent Afford Assisted Living?

I Want My Children To Stop Worrying About My Safety

Team Eskaton Hits the Football Field to Help Prevent Seniors from Falling

Simplifying Life With The Right Home

Keeping My Independence Without a Driver’s License

Angela's 100th Birthday Celebration

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

My Homeowner Parents Are Resisting Apartment Living

Heartfelt Gratitude for Loving Care Provided at Eskaton Village Placerville

Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Fraud

Top 4 Features Of Independent Living Homes

Attend a Fall Prevention Class or Event Sept 15 through 23

Eskaton’s No Falls League Shares Moves for a Healthy Stance

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

What To Know About Apartment Living For Seniors

Weekly Wellness Tip: Healthy Kitchen Hacks

What's Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Remaining Independent When Mobility Is an Issue

What comes first: Sell my current home or secure my senior community home?

Worried About Your Spouse Driving?

Is There a Minimum Age to Move to a Senior Living Community?

Team spirit at Eskaton Village Carmichael makes 90 year old's day

Hawaiian Feast and Festival at Eskaton Village Placerville

Finding “family” for my Parents When I’m Miles Away

Getting The Floor Plan You Want at a Senior Living Community

Eskaton and Aging2.0 Partner to Find Technologies to Enhance Lives of Seniors

Living With My Spouse Through Dementia Care

Watermelon Feta Pasta Salad

Strawberry Melon-Agua Fresca

Melon & Serrano Ham Salad with Almonds

Melon & Feta Salad

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Is A Part Time Job Right For Me?

What’s Happening at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Flavor your Water with Fruit-Infused Combinations to Stay Hydrated

Carolyn, Still Beautiful at 105 Years Old

3 Ways Assisted Living Can Be A Health Benefit

I’m Ready to Sell my Home. What’s Next?

I’m still working. Is a senior living community right for me?

Is Senior Living for the Young at Heart?

9 Ways to Hydrate that Aren’t Water

Eskaton, Voted Best of Senior Community by Readers of the Press Tribune

Petting Zoo for Placerville Residents

Never Worry Again About Your Parent’s Care

Top Tips to Staying Safe Online

Tired of Cooking? A Chef May Be the Answer

Todd Murch Celebrates 35 Years with Eskaton

Eskaton History: 1968 - Present

The Importance Of Intergenerational Friendships

The One Thing To Remember When Moving Your Parent Into Assisted Living

Put A New Roof Over Your Head And Leave The Maintenance Behind

What Questions To Ask Residents When Touring A Community

Pets Provide Perks for Seniors

How To Make Healthy Eating Easy

Freedom Past and Present

The Fab 50’s with a Fabulous Feast for Father

After a Successful pilot, then what?

The Stress Free Move to Assisted Living

Never Cook Again But Enjoy The Best Meals Of Your Life

Independent Living Is Like Going To College Again

How Socialization Benefits Your Health

Staff Goes Above and Beyond at Eskaton Village Carmichael

17 Years of Excellence at Eskaton Village Carmichael

And the 2016 Sac Aging2.0 Winner is...Stack Lighting

Biography: Hazel Shirley

Give Mom All The Comforts Of Home In Assisted Living

Eskaton Hazel Shirley Manor Celebrates 30 years

The Importance Of Exercise As You Age

Determining The Services You Want In An Independent Living Community

5 Tips for Cutting Costs In Retirement

Reducing Anxiety Before Moving Into Assisted Living

Making Your New Independent Living Home Your Own

What Safety Features Do You Want In Your Independent Living Home

Raffle Winner in Awe Thanks to Sherif Jewelers and Eskaton Foundation

How To Choose The Right Independent Living Home For You

How to Talk to My Independent Parent About Assistance

Dedicated Eskaton Vendor

Community Living: Will It Feel Like Home?

A CCRC vs. Independent Living

CEO of the Year

88 Year Old Starts New Business in Rocklin

Rewarding Career in Therapeutic Music

Firefighter, Brew Master, Gives to Charity Because Seniors Matter

What Choices Do Senior Communities Offer

Executive Director Celebrates 30 Years in El Cerrito

11 Strange-but-True Health Tips

Staff Goes Above and Beyond to Resolve Comcast Issue

Startups for Global Pitch Event Announced

Worried About Your Diabetic Parent Living Alone?

Don’t Forget These Questions When Budgeting for Retirement Living

Finding the Senior Community that Fits My Budget

Why Today’s Seniors Love Community Living

9 Things Happen to Your Body When You Walk

Eskaton Artists to Showcase a Lifetime of Art on June 25, 2016, in Orangevale

Senior Fair at Eskaton Lincoln Manor

5 Signs a Caregiver Is Doing Too Much

Tips to Control Diabetes as You Age

Eskaton Adult Day Health Care Participants Lovingly Craft Hand-crochet Nests.

Why I Should Care Now About My Future Care

Summertime Activities for Seniors

How Worried Are You About Your Parent Driving?

14 Things You Can Clean with a Lemon

Eskaton Hosts Aging2.0 Global Startup Search June 30

Trusting an Assisted Living Community for Your Parent

Signs It’s Time to Downsize

Diabetes and Exercise: Science Shows What Works Best

Eskaton Residents Visit Sacramento Valley National Cemetery

When’s the Best Time to Sell and Move?

With Sadness Comes Gratitude

Eskaton's Medical Director Named Physician of the Year

Super Smoothie Using 5 Greens

Staying Active When You Need Care Assistance

Bob Loves His Monthly Lunch with the Ladies

Growing Your Social Circle After Retirement

Startups wanted for Aging 2.0 pitch event in Sacramento area

How to Ensure You Get Essential Vitamins

Don’t Let Your Home Hold You Back

Awareness: Elder Abuse

7 Healthy Energy Boosters

Retired Sac City Professor

What to Look For in an Assisted Living Community?

The Main Benefits of a CCRC

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Eskaton Employee Promoted to Executive Director in Training

Wellness Tip: Foods That Fill Your Belly

Will Your Home Age Gracefully With You?

Is Assisted Living like a Nursing Home?

Country Music Lover

6 Ways To Help Your Heart Today

Foods Your Body Needs as You Age

Is Your Home Ready for Your Future Care Needs?

Alive Inside: Larry Laughs for the first time in years

Safe and Comfortable Affordable Housing in Great Demand

How to Talk to Your Parent About Assisted Living

Heart Healthy Foods

Concerned About Outliving Your Resources?

Signs You Have Too Much House

The Best Thing A Caregiver Can Do

Philanthropic Partners Gather to Help Low Income Seniors

Finding The Right Home in Retirement

Indoor Fun That Challenges The Mind

Tips To Spring Into Fitness

Angels on Earth at Eskaton Village Placerville!

3 Tips to Help Avoid Caregiver Guilt

Compassionate Volunteers Praise Eskaton's Memory Care

How To Make Snacking Healthy & Easy

Garden Party at Eskaton Care Center Greenhaven.

Eskaton Wins National Award for Fall Prevention Video

The Healing Benefits of Gardening

When Should I Begin Thinking About My Future Care Needs?

The Caregiver with the Never Ending To-Do List

Retirement: My Time To Do What I Love

4 Ways a Nonprofit Community Differs from a For Profit

How To Find a Senior Living Community That Fits Me?

Music and Memory

The Sandwiches of the Sandwich Generation

Transitioning A Dog To Your New Home

What Pushes Home Value Up, What Pushes Value Down

Will I Truly Remain Independent In A Senior Living Community?

How Do You Thank Angels?

Daughter Gives Thanks for Mother's Care.

104 Years Old, In Love with Technology

Word Search at 92

Son Gives Thanks for His Father

How 1 in 3 Caregivers Feel

Memory Tricks at Any Age

Aging with a Good Attitude

Never Too Old For Man’s Best Friend

Margaret, 102, Reminisces

Should Your Parent Consider Assisted Living?

You're Never Too Old to Get a College Degree

Roy Thrives After Silent Stroke

Leave Loneliness Behind

How to Start Volunteering in Retirement

Know Your Essential Health Numbers

Persistent Walker, Bruce, On the Road to Recovery

Happy 100 Years to Mary!

Signs The Caregiver Needs Support

Energy Boosting Foods

Ways to Pay for Your Senior Living

Boost Your Immunity With Meditation

7 Checks When Touring an Assisted Living Community

Growing Popularity of Qigong

Best Dog Breeds For Seniors

10 Steps To Help Prevent A Fall

Mandala & Color Class: The Color of Gratuity

Signs Your Loved One Needs Help

Why Your Friends Are Good For Your Health

Finding Your Win-Win in Volunteering

Eskaton residents show their appreciation by honoring employees who go beyond the call of duty

4 Heart Healthy Exercise Tips

Kids Connections Visits Care Center

Are You Feeding Your Heart These 12 Foods?

Top 10 Movie Screen Couples

Common Flaws of Estate Planning

Presidential Tips For Reducing Stress

6 Valentine Ideas For Your Aging Parent

Daydreaming with the Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Why Learning Should Never Stop

Tax Breaks For People 65 And Older

No Experience Required to Be an Artist

The Heart Remembers Thoughtfulness

Why a Love of the Arts Will Help Your Brain Age Better

What is Independent Living?

Learning How to Live with Dementia

Generous Donation to Eskaton Foundation from AT&T

Annual Happiness Day at Eskaton Monroe Lodge

Congress Permanently Passes Legislation to Extend the IRA Charitable Rollover Now and Into the Future

From the Mailbag at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Eskaton Celebrates Two Mile Stone 25-Year Anniversaries

Are You Worried About Your Parent Driving?

5th Annual Resident Art Show at Eskaton Village Carmichael

Fire Safety Checks At Mom’s House

1951 Bride Tells Her Story

Lessons Learned From Expired Milk

Eskaton Recognizes Care Staff in Gold River

Eskaton Monroe Lodge Honored by Daughter's Words

A Phone Call a Day Keeps Loneliness Away

Superfood: Citrus is in Town

What happened to my parents' yard?

Token of Our Gratitude

Paddy Shende’s Life Experience

Opportunity Knocks for Millie Kahane

Artist Marilyn Thomas: Walking a Blessed Path

The Life of Harriet Marshall

Never Turn Down an Opportunity to Learn

Korean War Veteran Dr. Al Kahane

A Sign It's Time: Mom Stopped Caring About Her Appearance

Medicare VS Medicaid: What is the Difference?

Artist Marilyn Thomas: Walking a Blessed Path

Signs of Aging: Mail piling up

Former Olaf Choir Member Never Stopped Playing Piano

Love for Life

What to Do When Dad Won’t Leave the House

What is Respite? A Break for the Caregiver

The House is a Mess. Is It Time for Help?

Best Friends Forever

Thrill of a Lifetime: Grand Ole Opry

Music Breathes New Life

Top 10 Reasons to Retire in the Sacramento Region

Maybelle Turns 103 Years Old

How Do You Know When Your Aging Parents Are Not Safe Living Alone?

Kind words from the Henducks family

Words of Praise from Green Valley Hospice

Caring staff of Placerville

Thankful This Thanksgiving

Roy receives loving care from Adult Day Health team

The Challenges of Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease

The Adult Day Health Scholarship Program

Peace and Joy in These Hard Times

Physical Therapy at Eskaton Adult Day Health Center

Letter of Appreciation from a Mother

Support Eskaton Adult Day Health Center on #GivingTuesday

November 11: Veteran's Day and Armistice Day

Adult Day Health Center Thanks U.S. Troops

Words From a Loving Daughter

Health and Wellness: Seniors Do Zumba

Eskaton Honored as a Top Senior Living Provider in the US

Volunteer or Intern with Eskaton

#MyGivingStory Contest: $5,000 to the nonprofit of your choice

Care Providers: Three Musketeers

Eskaton Foundation: Struggling to Get to the Doctor

Wellness Tip: Best Oils for Cooking

Healthy Homemade Latte Recipe

9 Ways to Get More (Healthy) Fat in Your Diet

Wellness Tip: Facts About Fat

To Age Well, Change How You Feel About Aging

Losing your memory, but not your love for golf

Wellness Tips: 10 Ways To Improve Brain Function

Your kindness is greatly appreciated

Brown lawn turns into labyrinth in healing garden

From the Mail Bag: Eskaton Village Carmichael

September 23: Fall Prevention and Awareness Day

Vic, from Vic's Market, Talks About His Wife's Journey with Alzheimer's Disease

StoryCorps Visits Sacramento, Belle Cooledge Library

A Birthday to Remember: A new life at 91 years old

What is the difference between a nursing home and assisted living?

Eskaton Kids Connection impacts 101-year-old resident

Eskaton Foundation: Becoming Human Again

Innovation at its Best: Livable Design

A loving daughter cares about her mom


Brain Power Foods

2015 Eskaton Traveling Gnome Project

Here's Lucy, smiling at 99 years old

Corky and Wee Johnny at Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park

Kimberly reviews Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park

Tell your story and enter to win

Have you written your autobiography?

Retirement party at Adult Day Healthcare Center in Carmichael, California

Celebrating our Centenarians at Eskaton

Eskaton Village Carmichael used 1.5 million fewer gallons of water in June

A Girl and Her Love For Cars

Treated Like Family

Touching Toes At 90 Years Old? Unlikely, But Not Impossible

Blast from the Past in Assisted Living

Eskaton Kids Connection Thanks Village Roseville

Caregivers, take time for yourselves

How Does Your Garden Grow

Eskaton Kids Connection in Mt. Shasta

Newly Diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Eskaton Featured in New York Times

Brent Callis is a Winner

Eskaton residents help orphans in Africa

Kids Connection program in Northern California receives state recognition

The Parkview in Pleasanton, California

Angels in disguise

First Wheelchair Accessible Labyrinth in Sacramento

Daughter Talks about The Parkview in Pleasanton, CA

Bringing Generations Together

Ann talks about Eskaton Village Carmichael

new life at Eskaton

Eskaton Kids Connection Receives State Recognition

Philanthropy: Good for Your Soul

Eskaton Village Carmichael Staff Gets Appreciation

Eskaton driver stands up for the disabled

Letter of Gratitude

Social Engagement Adds to Life Expectancy

Don’t Forget to Recognize Mom this Mother’s Day

Pen and paper, relics of past generations

The Benefits of Love and Chocolate

Avoid the stress of resolutions

Eskaton’s Culture Leads to “Golden Survey”

Social Security, main income for many older Californians

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