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27 January, 2017 | 2 min read

Don’t Forget to Recognize Mom this Mother’s Day

Working in senior living, I’m surrounded by mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers on a daily basis. The 96 women living in our Lodge each have a unique experience raising children. As Mother’s Day approaches, the Eskaton staff plan special events to honor these woman. This year will be a high tea and a children’s dance performance May 8 at 2 pm.

We asked our residents to reminisce about Mother’s Day and here is what we heard:

Mother’s Day is “a day that I could set aside and love and respect my mother in a special way,” said Helen Long.

Jeri Beringsmith, mother of three grown children said, “I like to be with my kids on Mother’s Day, even if it is the daughter I see all the time.”

If you are wondering what your children think of your mothering, “It’s a day to recognize if we did a good job,” said Medrine Plette. She also uses the day to recognize the great mother she had.

Sometimes it’s not until you are a parent do you recognize the importance of your own mother or grandma. Beringsmith was surprised when she heard her grandson, who was a new dad, say, “Wow, now I understand the troubles you had.”

Some of the best stories come from reflecting on the past. Nellie Belfiore shared a touching story with us:

“I really adored my mother. We went everywhere together. The first job I had I made $11.88 per week. I kept a dollar aside and gave the rest to my mom because it was the depression. Times were tough and we needed things like food. The dollar I kept I put away and saved until I had enough to buy my mom a wicker rocking chair. I can still see her sitting in that chair and falling asleep. I love her very much and still wish sometimes that I could see her.”

But a moment doesn’t go by around here without a little humor, especially from Jean Humburg:

“My son always gets me elaborate flower arrangements -- he has a gift complex. One year I asked for Maine lobster instead of the flowers. That year the delivery man dropped off a big parcel on ice, and when I opened it there it was: A whole, live Maine lobster with claws the size of ping pong paddles. I had to borrow someone’s canning pot because I didn’t have anything big enough to cook the guy. I put him in there and I still remember his claw coming out, reaching out of the pot. By the time it was over I was so emotionally distressed I said next time just send flowers.”

If you are looking for something extra special and unique to do for your mom this year, and you are reconsidering sending her a lobster, choose one of these creative ideas:

  1. A day at the spa – Spend time with your mom getting a massage and facial, or a mani and pedi. Even a son can enjoy a pedicure every once in a while for the sake of his mom.
  2. Pack a picnic – Take your mom to the park. Or if she has limited mobility, bring the picnic to her.
  3. Give a tribute – Your mom inspired you in many ways. Tell her about the little things she did that you now appreciate.
  4. Get her connected – You may think mom isn’t tech savvy, but you are probably wrong. No one is too old to learn. Get her a tablet or iPad. She will quickly learn Skype or FaceTime when she realizes it is the best way to see her grandchildren grow up.
  5. Enter your favorite recipe of hers into the Eskaton recipe contest. The winning recipe will be highlighted on the TV show Sac and Company. Visit eskaton.org/mothersday for more info.

My mom taught me: “People always come before things.” I have taken this philosophy with me through life. Thank you mom for your support and encouragement. Here is to all the moms out there.

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