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7 Questions To Ask To Compare Assisted Living Costs

compare-assisted-living-costs.jpgDetermining what you can afford in assisted living can be difficult. Communities offer various pricing models and amenities, while the services your loved one needs will likely change over the years.

Three Common Pricing Models Of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities usually offer one of three common pricing models. An all-inclusive model typically features one total monthly fee which includes all housing, meals, services, and assistance. A tiered, or level-of-care, model is a set monthly fee which is based on the level of care needed for that individual. A fee-for-service, or à la carte, pricing plan charges personal care separately in addition to the monthly fee for housing, meals, and housekeeping.

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To help compare the costs of assisted living options, consider the answers to these questions.

7 Questions To Compare Assisted Living Costs

  1. Do I have a clear description of what is and is NOT included in any agreement or in each level of care?
  2. Can I request the history of how monthly fees have increased over the years?
  3. For à la carte or fee-for-service agreements, is a breakdown of fees for each service available?
  4. How does the community track and calculate à la carte hours and care services? Will that information be available to me or my family if we request it?
  5. Will I get an explanation of processes and additional fees when services fall outside or exceed the agreed level of service?
  6. What is the process for re-evaluation of a resident’s care? What happens to fees if my loved one’s level of care changes?
  7. Is there a refund policy if my parent is required or asked to move out?

Along with comparing the pricing and fee structures, it is also important to evaluate the people, location, and culture of the community to ensure it provides the lifestyle and comfort your loved one is seeking.

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Tour communities together to help determine which communities will provide the life-enriching experiences sought by you and your loved one.  

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