18 November, 2021 | 2 min read

A Muscle Like Any Other

Train Your Brain

Here are a few brain-strengthening exercises that may help strengthen your mental muscles!
  • Word and Number Games
  • Matching Games
  • Solitaire and Other Card Games
  • Brain Teasers
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Video and Computer Games
  • Playing Musical Instruments
  • Basic Math Problems
  • Memorizing Games
  • Learning Something New


Mind Spa

After all that hard work, treat your brain to a mental retreat!

  1. Take a Break – Athletes need recovery time after a workout, and so does your brain! According to recent research, even 15 minutes of silence can be more beneficial than listening to calming music, so try to find a quiet location free of distractions and focus on breathing slowly and gently. Try to do this 3 -5 times a week to give your mind the rest it needs!
  2. Practice Makes Perfect – Mental exercise should be a part of a weekly workout plan, just like physical If you engage in activities that fail to interest you or bring you joy, it will be a lot harder to stick with them, so make sure whatever you choose makes you happy and keeps you engaged.
  3. Red Light, Green Light – Just like a car, putting your mind’s “pedal to the metal” isn’t going to keep the engine running in top shape for long. Start mental exercises slowly, increasing the difficulty level as you improve. If you are experiencing headaches or tingling sensations, these could be signs of mental fatigue, so don’t hesitate to put the brakes on!
  4. 1st Place Finish – Make a list of the gains you’ve made during your “brain workouts” and reward yourself for committing to mental exercise. Brag about your accomplishments to friends, family, and neighbors and be proud of the strong powerful brain you’re creating!

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