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A Road Map For Your Assisted Living Community Tour

Posted by Eskaton on Oct 7, 2016 5:10:07 AM

tour-assisted-living_1.jpgWhen your loved one is in need of assisted living, your first step is to find a community that is a good fit. It is vital that you take your time in choosing the right place, so allow ample time for taking a tour. Don’t rush this process, but really pay close attention to the community, staff, residents, and activities. Following these tips will be helpful when touring an assisted living community:

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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Touring an Assisted Living Community

Pay Attention To How Residents Are Treated

Instead of just touring the assisted living community and looking at the rooms and services offered, really observe the older adults living there. Look to see if the residents appear happy, if they are being social with others, and if they respond well to the staff. If you see staff sitting with residents and both seem genuinely pleased with their current activities, that is definitely a good sign.

Explore Available Activities And Amenities

When touring the assisted living community, be sure to ask for a list of all activities and amenities the life-enriching community has to offer. Inquire about the medical services offered on-site, since this can vary quite a bit.

Do they have a physician on-site, or do they call one as needed? Do they promote the independence of the residents? How often are the residents checked on? When are meals? What types of recreational activities or classes do they offer? Does the community offer multiple types of care, such as memory care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing?

Ask About Safety And Security

Another important aspect of an assisted living community is safety. What security measures are in place? A location that offers a 24-hour security guard or even a gated community may be important to you. This not only keeps unauthorized people out, but it also helps ensure that a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia doesn’t wander away. Also consider in-room safety measures, such as a walk-in shower, wheelchair clearance, and support bars next to the toilet.

Eat A Meal At The Assisted Living Community

To really get a feel for the community’s mealtime options and the quality of food, try to arrange your tour around lunch. Sit with other residents and their families and have a meal with your own loved one. Take in the atmosphere, evaluate the quality of the food, and really use the opportunity to talk to residents and their family members to see how they like it there.

It helps to bring along a list of questions you want to ask so you don’t forget anything. Keeping your goals in mind is helpful in your quest for an assisted living community that is committed to wellness and is a comfortable fit for your loved one.

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