4 March, 2020 | 2 min read

An Inside Look at Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities are an excellent option for older adults who are seeking opportunities for connection and growth as well as a lifestyle free from the worries of home ownership. These communities offer programs and services that foster their residents’ independence while providing them access to support when needed. If you are considering independent living for yourself or a loved one, read on to learn what this type of Eskaton community has to offer.

Maintaining Independence

Eskaton offers a wide range of independent living options designed to provide residents with as much independence as possible. Residents can live and eat independently if privacy is the goal, and most communities have amenities such as restaurant-style dining, providing opportunities for more socialization. If you or your loved one prefers to live in a place where it is possible to maintain a high level of independence while enjoying additional conveniences, an Eskaton independent living community might be a good option.

Additional Support

Changing needs are a part of the aging process. Because of this, it is important that residents in independent living communities have access to support if it is ever needed. Eskaton communities have staff on site that can address a large variety of needs, so if a situation ever arises where you or your loved one requires additional assistance, it is readily available.

Meeting New People

Residents in independent living communities have more opportunities to connect with others. As mentioned, residents have control over their time and can choose to interact with others frequently, or not at all. Eskaton communities provide residents with a full calendar of programing, which often includes events and activities such as exercise classes, outings to shop or attend cultural events, and various social occasions. Take a look at the events calendars at the different Eskaton communities to determine if they provide opportunities you or your loved one might enjoy.

The information above provides just a glimpse into life at Eskaton’s independent living communities. If maintaining independence, having access to additional support, and connecting with others are important to you, then an Eskaton independent living community may be the right fit. To get a resident’s view of independent living at Eskaton, you can schedule a community tour with any of our independent communities, allowing you to see firsthand how residents live, play, and interact with one another here at Eskaton.

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