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8 August, 2017 | 1 min read

The House is a Mess. Is It Time for Help?

Has your parents’ home slowly become more cluttered throughout the years? You see stacks of paperwork, decor on top of decor, laundry piling up, and maybe even expired food in the refrigerator.

It's not easy to admit the home may be unsafe for your loved ones. They may deny there is a problem because of the fear of losing their independence. However, it is up to family members to recognize when help is needed.

Could it be depression?

When you first notice a cluttered home, schedule a doctor’s visit to rule out depression. Depression can cause people not to care about their surroundings and make it impossible for them to take action. Let the doctor know ahead of time that you are worried about your parent.

Fondly frugal

If your parents grew up during the Great Depression, they may be afraid to throw anything away. They think they will need it sometime. Therefore, the house piles up with unusable and forgotten objects stuffed into every corner. Tell them you understand the attachment and memories to many of these items. Together, begin sorting and downsizing.

Is it time for assistance?

Along with a cluttered home, have you noticed a loss of vision, poor balance or forgetfulness? There is a step-by-step guide that tells you or your parents when it’s time to seek help. Click here to download a complete list of signs to look for.

A senior living community such as Eskaton offers independent living, where your parents can lead an active, independent lifestyle while gaining amenities such as housekeeping and transportation. If you feel your parents need more regular support from professional caregivers, assisted living may be the right choice as it provides care and conveniences in a community setting. In-home care is also an option. Learn more about scheduling an evaluation with a geriatric care manager.

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