27 August, 2019 | 2 min read

Building Bridges: Presents Ruth


“Be curious, not judgmental." -Walt Whitman

“Catching the currents around me I am carried by the generous hearts of my friends and family”. Ruth Ghio plays a kaleidoscope of roles in her life. She is a daughter, wife, mother, teacher, counselor, artist, writer, and friend. Ruth loves life and people.

She believes the people she has met throughout her life have all influenced her in some way. Ruth loves learning from others and believes that the way you approach others influences how you look at life. She always aspired to be free spirited and non-judgmental. This attitude she believes helps her see the uniqueness of each person. Her secret to a life well lived is practicing empathy. She believes empathy helps you view life through the eyes and minds of others.

Ruth likes to say that she has spent her entire life “winging it.” She attributes her happiness in life to her ability to learn from those around her. Through the lessons and experiences of others she has learned to be open minded, which has helped her broaden her world view and to see beyond herself.

Ruth recently had the privilege to be a part of a group of residents from Eskaton who met with graduating students from the Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning (SAEL). She shared with her students her life's wisdom, "find your own soul and find your own passion." She was paired with students for a whole semester and would meet with them every Thursday. During that time, they learned about one another, shared stories and developed friendships.

Ruth also collaborated with SAEL's students to create an "I am" poem. This poem captures the creative and adventurous spirit she brought to her life.

I am Ruth Ghio Poem

I am from the Finns, dark and severe,
Love, and shame, and seesaws
Up and down, up and down,
Storm winds ripping my house apart.
I am from the cold nest of a Finch,
Out casted to the farthest branch
Bare and cold,
Struggling from egg to break to flight,
Reaching for the worm and the clouds.
I am from the first watermelon and the last serving,
From bare earth, booze and babies.
I am from the loneliness of North Dakota
Golden Hills of California
And the beaches of Oregon.
One tree, many possibilities, treasure to be found?
I am from crazy beautiful,
The mother and father, the brothers, aunts and uncles, friends, and enemies
My ship adrift in a wild sea,
I’m from following that light off in the distance.
I am from charting my own course
Without compass,
Directed by the winds and intention
The voice in my dreams reminding me
I am a part of something larger.
I am from stories scrawled across pages like constellations in the sky,
Beget by everything
From weaving the tapestry,
Thread by thread
Of the universal hero’s journey:
The conflict, the call, the guide, the abyss, the rebirth, and the boon
The way out of the abyss
Is to go within
I am from recreating myself.

Ruth continues to learn from the friends she is surrounded by at Eskaton Village Grass Valley. Her favorite people in the world currently are her friends at Eskaton and her three beautiful children.