23 August, 2022 | 18 min read

Elder Financial Abuse and How to Protect Your Older Loved Ones

An unfortunate but not uncommon occurrence for older loved ones and family members is elder financial abuse, defined as someone illegally using an elder’s money or belongings for their own personal use. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), it can cost victims as much as $36.5 billion each year.  

This type of abuse is also difficult to detect because it can be accomplished by family, trusted friends and caregivers. 

If you care for an older loved one or par ent, an immediate step you can take is to be aware of the signs. If prevention isn’t possible, intervening quickly is the next best course of action.  

Signs of elder financial abuse 

Having conversations with your loved ones about elder financial abuse can also help educate them about the risk. Encourage proactive and open discussions whenever possible. 

Signs of elder financial abuse can include the following: 

  • Sudden changes in an individual’s financial situation 
  • Discovery of fraudulent signatures on financial documents 
  • Unpaid bills 
  • Unusual or sudden changes in spending patterns 
  • Unusual changes in an individual’s will or other financial documents 

Source: NCOA  

The most common forms of elder financial abuse 

Understanding the sources of abuse can be helpful in remaining alert and aware. While it is important to note that most family, caregivers and friends will not take advantage of an older adult, the fact that often the abusers are known to the individual is what makes it more difficult to stop and can include: 

  • Family members 
  • Hired caregivers 
  • Consumer fraud cases that target elders 
  • Financial predators who gain trust and then con the elder out of their money or property 

Why elder financial abuse is often not reported 

Compounding the difficulty of eliminating elder financial abuse is that it is often not reported by the older adult being abused. The reasons for an individual’s silence can be very compelling: 

  • They don’t want to cause trouble for a family member or bring embarrassment on to the family 
  • They depend on the caregiver who is abusing them 
  • There is a fear of retaliation 
  • There is fear they will lose their independence if the family is aware they have been taken advantage of 
  • They may lack the capacity to know how to report the situation 

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How to help prevent elder financial abuse 

Measures for preventing elder financial abuse can be strengthened when both the older adult and their primary caregivers and adult children are prepared to take action. Consider the following recommendations: 

  1. Become educated about the risk of elder financial abuse, common methods used and what to do if you suspect it is occurring 
  2. For older adults, taking care of your health and remaining alert can decrease the risk of becoming a victim 
  3. Stay active in the community and connected with friends and family. Social isolation has often been connected to elder financial abuse 
  4. Carefully appoint a power of attorney or consider a corporate trustee or geriatric care manager 
  5. Open your own mail if possible 
  6. Do not give out any personal information over the phone 
  7. Do not open the door to strangers or invite them into your house 
  8. Keep all financial documents secure 
  9. Take photographs of all valuables and keep them in a secured place 
  10. Use direct deposit for all checks you receive. 
  11. Carefully screen and check references of anyone you hire 
  12. Have access to your own phone 
  13. Review your financial statements regularly 
  14. Review your will periodically 
  15. Become familiar with all of your personal and financial rights 
  16. Don’t make hurried or rushed financial decisions. Take time to think it over or talk to a trusted family member 

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