20 September, 2022 | 7 min read

Fall Prevention: Taking a Steady Approach

Falls are the number one cause of fatal injuries among seniors. An estimated one-third of seniors in the U.S., age 65 or older, experience a fall each year. 

At Eskaton, we believe regular physical activity is key to reducing the risk of falls so that seniors may maintain their safety and independence. With a regular exercise routine, older adults can maintain better balance, coordination, and develop a greater level of strength. In addition to feeling more physically secure, their mind will benefit as well.  

Here are a few basics to help improve overall fitness: 

  1. A regular stretching routine before any physical activity
  2. A regular walking routine several times a week 
  3. Yoga classes for relaxation and concentration 
  4. Low cardio exercises with doctor approval 
  5. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night to be well-rested before any exercise 

Understanding how concentration plays a role in preventing falls is equally important. Having a greater sense of one’s own abilities helps to keep the mind on the task at hand whether it is standing up, walking, exercising, or just going about everyday activities. 

While not all falls are preventable, there are many ways to mitigate the risk of one occurring. With Eskaton’s help, we can assist each person achieve their best life with safety and independence.   

For more information on how to prevent falls, sign up for our live virtual summit on September 30th featuring webinars from experts on fall prevention. 

Life at Eskaton Communities 

The word Eskaton means “dawn of a new day.” In our communities, we see each day as an opportunity to enhance the lives of our residents. We’ve been serving the Sacramento region and Northern California for over 50 years. 

The Eskaton Difference starts with our life-enriching programs and collaborative partnerships. With a national reputation for innovation, we focus on creating communities that provide our residents with everything they need for purposeful living. 

We invite you to visit one of our award-winning communities to discover some of the benefits we offer, such as: 

  • Private residences 
  • Delicious and nutritious meals 
  • Social opportunities to meet and make new friends 
  • Creative activities and therapies 
  • Fitness centers and exercise classes 
  • Housekeeping services 
  • Transportation services 
  • 24-hour staffing 
  • Pet-friendly 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • And much, much more! 

If you’re considering whether senior living could be the best choice for you or a loved one, we’re here to answer any questions that you may have. We also invite you to download our complimentary information, Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted Living. To schedule a personalized tour, call us at 1-866-ESKATON (1-866-375-2866) or visit eskaton.org. 

Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted living