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24 October, 2016 | 1 min read

Finding Your Win-Win in Volunteering


At Eskaton, busy hands are knitting helmet liners for soldiers overseas and stitching pillowcase dresses for the children of Kenya, Nairobi and the Philippines. Another group of senior residents is off to the local schools to read and spend time with their elementary “buddies.”

These seniors have found the win-win in volunteering.

Have you thought about volunteering? Do you have a desire to give back and now, finally, have the time to commit to a project?

Senior living communities such as Eskaton incorporate volunteer opportunities into their programs and calendars because they have witnessed the win-win situations and relationships built from volunteering.

Why is volunteering great for seniors?

No. 1, you can choose a project that you are passionate about. Do you love to sew? Do you love children? Do you want to help fight hunger? Use your skills, knowledge and lifetime experience to make a difference in something you care about.

Volunteering is good for your own mental health. Not only are you helping someone else, you are gaining a meaningful, productive activity that includes interaction with others. Being a volunteer is good for your mind, body and soul.

As a volunteer, you have opportunity to meet new people and engage in new experiences. If there is certain time of year that you are more prone to staying inside or feeling down, use that time to find a volunteer project to keep you engaged and your spirits up.

Volunteering as a senior also helps educate other people about senior living. Show others the wealth of knowledge and skills you have to share, that you are active, involved and essential to a healthy community. Let them be part of your win-win.

Giving back is a cornerstone at Eskaton. We believe in the importance of social responsibility for the health and wellness of our residents and the betterment of the greater community.

Eskaton is a Northern California-based nonprofit with more than 45 years of experience offering services and support for nearly 14,000 older adults each year. Our communities feature everything from independent living to to assisted living to skilled nursing and rehabilitation. For more information about Eskaton, contact us at 888-684-6554.

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