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Flavor your Water with Fruit-Infused Combinations to Stay Hydrated

Posted by Eskaton on Aug 15, 2016 11:22:40 AM

Infusing water with fruits and herbs are the fun and healthy way to drink water everyday. Here are some tips to make flavorful healthy infused water.

Infused_water.jpgStep 1: Make sure you have a good ratio of fruit to water; the more fruit you use, the more flavorful your water will be.

Step 2: Make sure to “muddle” the ingredients (press them around in the bottom of your container) to release the juices

and flavors.

Step 3: Pour your water over the muddled ingredients and stir or shake the mixture. Then leave it overnight for 24 hours to allow the flavors to dissipate thoroughly. Optional: you can use a strainer to remove excess pulp before drinking.


  • Make sure to wash your ingredients thoroughly! You don’t want to infuse your water with any surface germs!
  • You can use your fruit mixture two or three times, but don’t try to stretch it too far since the fruits can become bitter and lose their flavor over time.
  • To help release more flavor from herbs, try putting them in first and adding some boiling water, like you would for tea, and then adding the rest of your ingredients and cold water.

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