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Honoring Veterans With More Than Words

Posted by Eskaton on Nov 9, 2016 6:41:10 AM

honor-veterans.jpgAs a nation we owe a lot to the men and women who serve today as well as those who have served in the past.

Most of them have never asked to be thanked for their hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and time away from home and hearth. The words are certainly nice for them to hear, but there is more that you can do as an active, independent senior to show your appreciation.

Actions That Show Veterans Your Appreciation and Support

Pick Up The Tab

Many veterans are proud of their military service. They display symbols of their service in the form of bumper stickers, hats, and T-shirts. In other words, they are often easy to spot in a crowd. When you see a vet out having dinner, quietly arrange to pick up the tab. It’s a small gesture that will mean so much.

Greenlight A Vet

Walmart has begun an initiative meant to encourage Americans to show their support of the veterans who have served their country by installing green lightbulbs in porch lights. The initiative is twofold. The primary purpose is a nationwide show of gratitude for our vets. The other purpose is to raise awareness of various veteran advocacy groups.

Volunteer Your Talents For Vets

You have skills. Whether it’s whipping up a tasty meal or preparing legal briefs, there are skills you have that can be put to use on behalf of veterans. Volunteer your services to those who have volunteered theirs in the past.

Hire Vets

Veterans make outstanding employees. Even retired vets often seek out part-time employment to get out of the house, enjoy a little exercise, and interact with others. Put them to work in your business.

Support Businesses That Support Veterans

Patriotism matters. Serving our veterans is one way we can all be patriots. Seek out businesses that support veterans and their causes. Spend your dollars at those businesses even when it isn’t the easiest or most convenient option.

Fly Your Flag Proudly And Properly

Flying the flag is not only about being patriotic; it’s a symbol of pride in our country and those who serve. Of course, it’s always best to show proper respect and reverence when flying the flag and observing appropriate military traditions for flying the stars and stripes.

Honor veterans not just on Veterans Day, but every day of the year with these simple acts that mean so much.

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