9 April, 2019 | 1 min read

How Do I Tell Which Senior Living Community is Right for Me?


Choosing a senior living community can be an exciting process. Moving into a senior living community will allow you to meet new people, have new experiences, and get the help you need along the way. But, many seniors start the process of looking for a senior living community and realize they have no idea how to tell which one will be the best fit. If you find yourself asking, ‘How do I tell which senior living community is right for me?’ then you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about the elements to consider in order to discover the community that is the best fit.

Your needs

Start the search by considering your current needs. Do you have health issues that require daily assistance? If so, the first thing you should look at when you consider a particular community is whether or not they are equipped to meet your needs. Your mobility is another factor to keep in mind as you start your search. Many senior living communities are designed to meet a wide range of mobility needs. Make sure that any community you consider can accommodate your current or changing mobility needs.

Your wants

Your needs are the first element to consider when finding the right senior living community but your wants are a close second. Modern senior living communities offer a wide range of amenities designed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. The amenities offered at each community can vary. Looking through the list of amenities offered at each community can help you find one that is a good fit. Amenities you can look for include fitness classes, group activities, on-site salons, and restaurant-style dining. Make a list of your wants and compare that to what the communities you consider have to offer.

Your location

The third factor to consider when searching for the senior living community that is right for you is location. Do you want to stay in your current neighborhood or move closer to family? If you have a very specific geographic location you want to live within it will narrow your search area and also your options. Having fewer options is sometimes helpful because it can save you time and reduce the stress of searching through a long list of communities.

If you keep your needs, wants, and location preference on your mind as you search for a senior living community you will be able to sort through the options quickly. There are a lot of senior living options out there-which is great for you-but it would be exhausting to search through every single one. Narrow the options down based on the aforementioned criteria and then start the process of setting up visits to the communities that make the shortlist. This process will help you find the senior living community that is right for you.

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