12 May, 2021 | 2 min read

How Much Will it Cost for My Mom to Move Into Assisted Living?

As the adult child of an aging mom, it is natural to want to make sure that she feels safe and has everything she needs. In many situations, the best way to do that is to help your mom find a high-quality assisted living community. With assisted living services, your mom will have access to help around the clock. In addition, the services offered at an assisted living community can provide an ideal balance of independence and assistance for elders who need help with just some of the activities of daily living (ADLs). If the time for your mom to move into assisted living is drawing near, the first and most obvious question you likely have is "How much will it cost?" The exact numbers will vary depending upon the community you choose, but there are averages that will help you determine which options are reasonable for your budget. You also need to consider what expenses (e.g. home maintenance, utilities, groceries, etc.) will no longer be applicable after a move to a community. Once you calculate the real numbers, you can start looking at options for helping your mom cover the cost of assisted living.

Average cost of assisted living

The average cost of assisted living in the state of California is around $5,395 a month. That is slightly higher than the national average and there are, of course, variations in that monthly cost depending on which part of California you’re in. Knowing these numbers gives you a place to start and can help you eliminate options that are too far outside of that median. Before you decide that your mom cannot afford assisted living, please continue to read the rest of this article. There are other factors that will impact how much your mom can afford and how she will pay.

Costs that will go away when your mom moves

When your mom moves from her home into assisted living, there are a number of costs that will be reduced or completely eliminated altogether. Monthly recurring costs such as utilities, cable, internet and lawn services will no longer need to be included in her budget. Less frequent expenses such as home maintenance and repairs will no longer threaten to pop up at the worst possible time. You can compare the costs of living at home to those of moving into assisted living with the cost comparison guide provided by Eskaton.

Options for helping your mom cover the cost of assisted living

There are several ways you can help your mom cover the cost of assisted living. If the home your mom lives in now has equity, that money can be applied to the cost of senior living. Any type of income your mom receives can also be applied to payment. Remember, all of your mom’s daily needs – including meals – are included in the cost of assisted living. This means that she will not need to allocate money each month to that type of spending. Some families choose to come together and contribute a percentage of the cost each month to make sure mom gets the care she needs.

Your mom is fortunate to have someone to help her with the process of finding an assisted living community that she can afford. In order to truly determine what it will cost for your mom to move into assisted living, you need to talk directly with a representative from any community you are considering. If Eskaton is on your shortlist, you can call the support center at any time and get the information you need.

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