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10 November, 2016 | 2 min read

How To Avoid Stress During The Holidays

avoid-stress.jpgThe holidays are a time of fun, joy, and laughter. Spending quality time with family and friends is something every older adult looks forward to. However, with all the organization and planning that goes into hosting holiday celebrations—or even just attending them—it is important that you don’t neglect yourself.

Take a look at a few ways of avoiding stress while maximizing your enjoyment of the festive season.

Tips For Reducing Stress During The Holidays

Keep It Simple

Every family gets caught up in holiday traditions; however, if these are becoming too difficult or stressful for you to deal with, why not create some simple new traditions of your own?

Rather than cooking a huge meal for lots of people, why not ask them to each bring along a dessert or a side dish? Instead of buying lots of expensive gifts for everyone, suggest drawing names and creating a gift exchange. There are so many ways to simplify these big occasions while keeping them special.

Keep Your Mindset Positive

Rather than spending your time worrying that things may not be going according to plan, focus on the positives and on what you can achieve. Dwelling on negative thoughts will only get in the way of your enjoyment of the holiday season, so shift your focus onto enjoying yourself with your loved ones.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Don’t spread yourself too thin over the holidays. Yes, it’s very tempting to accept every invitation; however, you need to look after yourself first. It’s important for everyone, including active older adults, to make time to rest and to relax. You’ll find that this will help you enjoy the holiday season so much more.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

As well as being a time for fun and laughter, the holidays can make us all feel a little down, especially if we’re missing a loved one who has passed on. Feeling grief and sadness during what is supposed to be a happy time is natural. Embrace your feelings and work through them. Don’t be afraid to share your grief with others and to reach out for help.

Eat Healthy

There are many tasty treats around during the holidays. Don't deprive yourself, but watch out that you don’t overindulge. If you overeat, you might not feel well and that can contribute to holiday stress.

Plan Ahead, And Stick To A Budget

The holidays are a notorious time for overspending, so make sure you know how much you are comfortable spending and don’t go over that limit. If funds are tight, or you are on a fixed income, why not suggest setting up a family gift exchange or try making homemade gifts?

Holiday stress sometimes feels unavoidable; however there are many ways you can keep it to a minimum. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help—and above all, have a great time!

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