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How to Avoid Summertime Sickness

Posted by Eskaton on Aug 15, 2018 8:49:00 AM

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Get plenty of rest. Most of us are less concerned about getting a good night’s sleep as we enjoy long summer nights outdoors. You should be well-rested and hydrated before any outdoor adventure. When your energy is low, it weighs you down, and your odds of getting sick are higher.

Watch your liquid intake. Your body needs lots of hydration in the hot summer heat. Avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine or lots of sugar. It will cause you to lose body fluids.

Wash your hands! Your hands are susceptible to a plethora of germs as a result of the multiple surfaces you come in contact with. Be conscious of hand washing, especially before eating. If you are not always near a sink, hand sanitizer is an option. Remind yourself to wash your hands frequently when near picnic tables (digging into bowls of chips and salsa), planes, hotel rooms and crowded sporting events.

Stay active throughout the year. Those who have been sedentary should gradually ease into physical activities because enterovirus is the only infection associated with strenuous exercise. To get in shape for the summer, we tend to exercise vigorously. That’s when these enteroviruses like to show up.

Eat well and take vitamins. Don’t just eat healthy when you are sick. Eat fruits, vegetables and protein continuously. Stay away from foods that induce inflammation such as simple sugars and starches. Take vitamins such as a multivitamin and vitamin D3 to be consistent with nutrients. Also, when at gatherings, keep your food refrigerated to avoid sickness caused by spoiled food (eggs, fruit, potato salad, etc.).

Be stress-free. Summer can be nonstop with parties, social engagements, vacations and constant travel for your children’s sporting events. When we are stressed and overtired the immune system’s ability to fight off germs, viruses and other pathogens are reduced. Set aside down-time, relax, and soak up some vitamin D, but be sure to use sunscreen. 

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