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18 December, 2019 | 1 min read

How to Bring Up Assisted Living to Your Parents

It can be difficult to broach the subject of assisted living with your parents because you may be concerned about how they will react to the topic. There are a number of ways that you can bring up the option of assisted living in the flow of normal conversation. The key is to talk about assisted living in a way that encourages a conversation your parents can participate in.  

Bring up assisted living as you and your parents discuss home maintenance

When you discuss home maintenance with your parents it may be a good time to bring up assisted living. Many older adults find that home maintenance tasks become more and more of a burden as they age and need the help of their grown children to keep up. If your parents are struggling with home maintenance - or have concerns about upcoming maintenance – you can point out the benefits of moving into assisted living. In assisted living your parents will be free from the concerns that come with caring for a home.

Look into programming offered at various assisted living communities

The best assisted living communities offer residents a long list of events and programming. You can learn about the programming that particular communities offer and go over those with your parents. Your parents will find opportunities to meet new people, discover new interests, and engage their minds. Bringing up the topic of assisted living by discussing community events can be a great way to ease into the conversation with your parents.  

Bring up assisted living as you discuss future medical needs

You can start the conversation about assisted living as you and your parents discuss their current and future medical needs. Assisted living communities can provide various levels of care. If your parents are in a place where they only need minimal assistance, assisted living is a great option. As their needs increase over time, their care in assisted living can increase. When you discuss medical needs, it may be a good time to bring up assisted living and the ways it can meet your parents’ current and future needs.

Suggest a community visit

Suggesting a community visit is an easy way to bring up assisted living to your parents. Your parents can get a firsthand understanding of what it would be like if they decide to make a move. In addition, your parents can learn about the programming and amenities offered in assisted living through a community visit.

As you start discussing the option of assisted living with your parents be sure and provide them with relevant information about their choices. Knowing what to expect from assisted living will go a long way toward helping your parents imagine what it would be like for them to make the move. To help with your discussion, you can find a list of amenities offered at the various Eskaton assisted living communities here.  

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