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25 October, 2016 | 2 min read

Is A Part Time Job Right For Me?

part-time-work.jpgIndependent living is full of life-enriching opportunities, but for some people, there is nothing quite as rewarding as an honest day’s work. Though you may be reluctant to find a full-time job after a lifetime in the workplace, a part-time job might be the perfect fit.

In a part-time job, you can find fulfillment without the long hours that full-time work requires. You can use your experience and expertise to mentor students, give back to the community, contribute to a project and help someone in a new way.

There are many part-time jobs in the pool: you could choose a job anywhere between a cashier at a fast food chain to an adjunct professor at a local university. It all depends on your style.

Here is a list of great part-time jobs for seniors (Care.com):

  • Help others by consulting. You’ve spent your entire life working in your chosen field, so why not impart your wisdom to someone else? Especially big in the financial world, many lay people could use a bit of insider knowledge.
  • Write your heart out. Everyone needs a good writer. If you can craft a sentence about your field, there is likely a freelance writing position for you. If writing about your field isn’t quite your style, try your hand at blogging! You might be surprised by how many people want to read your writing.
  • Live well, and help others live well. If you’re interested in nutrition or exercise, consider finding a job at a local gym, hospital or community center. You could coach others on healthy eating or even start up an exercise class.
  • Educate the future. There are opportunities in education from preschool up to college. Depending on your age preference, you can choose to be a tutor, teacher’s assistant, student aide, librarian, cafeteria help, crossing guard, or even a professor.
  • Teach the community about its history. For anyone who is an expert on their community (or wants to learn more about it), a tour guide might be the perfect fit. You can share your expertise with visitors to a local museum or historical society as well as show them around town.
  • Plan trips and take trips. If you have spent some time traveling, find a position in hospitality and tourism. You can help others plan their trips and potentially take a few trips yourself. It’s a great opportunity to help others see the world as you have, or experience more of it yourself.

Part-time work is an enriching activity that will offer you fulfillment while having fun. When looking for work, be sure to keep in mind what makes you happy to find a perfect fit that is an extension of your interests.

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