18 November, 2016 | 3 min read

Keeping Your Parent Safe When You Can't Be There

keeping-parent-safe.jpgAre you often worried about your dad when you leave his home? Worried about your mom’s safety in her home all alone?

From falling to taking medications improperly, there are many reasons why adult children of aging parents feel worried and uneasy when they leave their parent’s home.

If you are concerned, don’t wait to make a change until after an accident or tragedy has occurred.

Begin A Conversation About Assisted Living Options

Express your concerns with your parent. Let your dad know that you are worried, and you only want to ensure that he is safe, comfortable, and finding joy in every day.

Talk to your mom about assisted living communities. Provide brochures, ebooks, and other resources for her to review. Help your loved one look at the community online.

Assisted Living homes have gone “smart.” Find out more with this free ebook, A Smart New Look And Feel In Assisted Living.

Increase Safety With Advanced Technology

At Eskaton, we are very proud of the advanced technology incorporated into our assisted living Lodges.

The assisted living apartments are equipped with QuietCare® Smart Sensor Technology. The smart sensor devices use motion detectors to improve care, response time, and security while allowing our residents to retain the privacy and independence they want.

How Smart Sensors Work In Assisted Living

The QuietCare® smart sensors, similar in size or even smaller than the sensor for a home security system, are strategically placed throughout our assisted living apartments. They are motion-based and detect movement in front of and around them, but cannot record pictures or sound.  

The sensors “learn” a resident’s normal daily activity and patterns and transmit data to a server 24/7. The system can detect changes such as sleeplessness, increased trips to the bathroom, or infrequencies in retrieving medication.  

The system alerts when something out of the ordinary happens. If a sensor sends an alert at Eskaton, the caregiver on duty will personally check in. The staff have directly seen how prompt and proactive personal care—resulting from a sensor alert—can prevent a more serious issue.

“The staff love QuietCare® because it helps them give residents their all. When asked, the staff collectively have said that they couldn’t imagine life without smart sensor technology. It’s been that helpful to their mission,” says Sheri Peifer, Eskaton Chief Strategy Officer.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The No. 1 thing to remember as a caregiver is that it is OK to ask for help and begin looking into assisted living. Don’t overwhelm yourself with worry and stress.

As a caregiver, it is easy to take on too many tasks and then feel guilty for not being able to handle it all. Know when too much is simply too much. In order for you to stay healthy for your parent and your own family, you must also take care of yourself.

A Smart New Look & Feel in Assisted Living]