18 November, 2021 | 2 min read

Living Alone Is Not For Me

not-living-alone.jpgSenior independent living communities now offer many life-enriching activities and socialization opportunities, it's no wonder more seniors do not want to live alone anymore. Most older adults who move into these independent communities state that they prefer their lifestyle here than when they were living home alone. They also wished they had moved into the community sooner. Why is this? Below are some reasons seniors give to why living alone is not for them.

Reasons Seniors Give to Why Living Alone is Not for them

Spouse Passed Away

If you have just recently lost a spouse who you just spent the last 50 years of your life with, you are no doubt grieving. Once the grieving stage is over, however, now you are left in your home all by yourself that you once shared with a loved one. It can become quite lonely when you no longer have that special someone to share your home with. Perhaps, you just don't want to live home alone and since your spouse's passing, you feel it's time to move on. Remember, you can always take the memories of home with you.

Crave Interaction

Older adults living alone can often feel and become isolated. This is not healthy for anyone at any age. You are likely craving interaction with other people. At senior independent living communities, you can make friends, enjoy festive occasions with other people, share meals, and participate in fun activities. Even if you are introverted, you can still have your privacy but at the same time feel relieved knowing there are other people around.

Gain Socialization

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why so many seniors who insisted on living at home ended up thriving in senior communities is the socialization. Social skills can decline when you are not actively using them. This can cause depression and anxiety and further your reluctance to be socially active. Seniors need peers too.

Getting acclimated to and thriving in a senior independent living community is easy, especially when you find the companionship of your peers. You can listen to music, play cards, or go to community events. You never get bored. There is always something for you to do. There are all types of activities and entertainment like forays into nature, day trips to local landmarks, or a simple outing to your local art museum.

Eskaton offers a multitude of life-enriching programs, activities, and socialization opportunities that are transforming the aging experience for seniors like you. We invite you to take a tour or call us at 888-684-6554 to learn more.

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