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Tips to Relax and Enjoy Life

Posted by Eskaton on Nov 19, 2018, 4:52:38 PM


The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes cause us to forget to step back and smell the roses from time to time. These simple things can decrease stress and make our lives a bit more enjoyable.

Unplug to De-Stress

We may tend to see our computer screen more than we see the faces of those we love. We text, we email, we update statuses and browse the web, but we forget to schedule time to turn it all off and just connect and decompress. Take at least one hour a day to turn off technology and simply enjoy the moment.

Instead do the following:

Take a Walk—Be sure to leave your phone at home. Take 30 minutes to simply get outside and notice the world around you. Walk slowly without a purpose. Be mindful of your thoughts and take notice of your breath. Don’t get caught up in a destination or feeling as though you need to go a certain distance. Just walk and breathe — and enjoy the freedom of being able to do so.

Do something you’ve been meaning to do—Maybe it’s time to get that manicure or pedicure you’ve been putting off. Or maybe you need to make a coffee date with a friend you haven’t seen in person in a while. Whatever the task is, do it without the distraction of technology. Grab a magazine, a book or even a friend and make the most of getting things done.

Take a Nap—It may seem silly, but, sometimes, we just need to rest our eyes, mind and body for a quick minute.  Shut it all off, get cozy on the couch and let your mind unwind for a bit.  Even if you can’t sleep, the rest you get from simply relaxing will help you finish the day with a better, stronger, happier you.

Have a Family Game Night—Get together with the ones you love and spend a quality evening playing your favorite games.  Use this time to catch up on how everyone is doing and just enjoy the moments with each other.


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