9 November, 2021 | 2 min read

Maintaining Health & Well-Being in a Changing Reality

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with dementia, know that living well is still possible with the right supportive environment. At Eskaton, we believe in seeing each person's abilities, not disabilities. We are inspired by people living with dementia who are advocates for well-being. This advice comes from experts living with dementia.

1) Recognize and support abilities – It is important to recognize and support the changing capabilities and strengths of the person living with dementia. This will help foster a better quality of life through the journey. It is also important to try to understand their reality and let them live in it. Don’t argue or try to control their perspective.

2) Be as flexible as you can – Each day may differ. Things may not go as planned… that’s to be expected. Live in the moment and remember some things may be beyond your control.

3) Use time saving strategies to balance hectic schedules – As the dementia journey changes, your schedule may become busier. Many partners in care have found organizations to help them stay on track. Figure out what strategies work for you. It can be helpful to prioritize, make lists, or delegate tasks to others.

4) Listen to respected opinions about your well-being – If trusted family, friends, and neighbors are expressing concerns about your well-being, remember that they can often detect gradual changes in yourself better than you can.

5) Recognize that you are not alone - Many have experienced the same feelings and emotions you may be facing. Draw on their knowledge and expertise throughout the journey.


For more helpful tips and strategies, read the By Us For Us Guide "Role, Health, & Well-Being" courtesy of University of Waterloo.