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Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard: Go Vote!

Posted by Eskaton on Oct 26, 2016 6:03:19 AM

senior-voting-1.jpgLet’s just say that you know the score—you have a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge. You know the policies of Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush and how they have impacted you and your family throughout the stages of your life. Whether you were just starting out in your career, beginning a family, sending kids off to college, or planning for retirement, you know that every election brings forth policy changes that will affect you and those you love for better or worse.

Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, you want to shape the policies on important issues such as education, immigration, healthcare, and taxation. Your voice matters. Adding your vote to the pool of others increases the chance of your preferred candidate winning the upcoming election and their party taking the reins of policy-making during the next term. Learn more about the tools that make voting easier today than ever before.

Voting Help For California Seniors

Let’s begin with finding out where to vote. You may have recently downsized and moved to a new location. Where do you go to vote? As a California resident, you can use any of the following resources to find your precinct and more:

  • The California Secretary of State website makes it easy for active older adults to find the information needed online. Simply scroll down the page, find your county listed and either call the number provided or use the hyperlinked text to send you to the necessary page with additional details such as a sample ballot and polling place look-up.
  • UnitedStatesZipCodes.org can be used to determine your county of residence. Simply type in your address in the space provided and find out your county. In addition, you can also call (800) 345-VOTE to find out which county you live in.
  • The FAQ section of the California Secretary of State website can steer seniors that may want to register to vote, change parties, or may be temporarily outside of California during the election period. If you have not voted in a number of previous general elections, you may want to check that you are still registered to vote in your area. If you have permanently moved to a new location, this should be reflected on your voter registration record.

California does not allow residents to use the internet to cast a ballot. You will vote in the precinct of which you are a permanent resident. Please make any changes necessary if you have moved or changed names in advance of submitting your vote.

Would you prefer to vote by mail? That is entirely possible in California. In the frequently asked questions posted on the California Secretary of State website, the process is clearly laid out and interested seniors can download applications to vote by mail or contact a county election official to potentially apply by phone.

Eskaton Helps Seniors Shape Their Future

Voting has become easier for those comfortable with the internet and online searches. You can vote in person or by mail for the next president. Contact Eskaton at 888-684-6554 for more voting help for older adults enjoying an active and independent lifestyle.

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