10 September, 2019 | 1 min read

Meet our Movement Ambassador: Bob Cleaves


“No matter how old you are, you can still be active and have a good time.” -Bob Cleaves

Bob Cleaves is a California native who grew up in Southern California. He is 89 years old and attributes his longevity to exercising and his positive attitude. Bob is passionate about spending time with his wife of 66 years and his family … and solving puzzles.

Bob has been solving puzzles his whole life. During his professional life, Bob worked at a foundry where he would design molds made from wood, metal and plastic. To make a quality casting, it is essential that the pattern is carefully designed, constructed and
finished each time. Even though he is retired, Bob continues to solve complex problems through brain games and exercise.

Keeping up with five grandchildren and six great grandchildren keeps Bob very active. But he also intentionally incorporates movement and exercise into his daily routine. He participates in regular water classes and lifts weights at least a few times per week. Bob also believes in the power of relationships. He loves surrounding himself with
people throughout his day. Outside of spending quality time with his family, he participates in potlucks and social hours.

His secret to a life well-lived, “The years go by so fast and we need to enjoy each day,” says Bob.