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Never Cook Again But Enjoy The Best Meals Of Your Life

Posted by Eskaton on Jul 21, 2016 5:50:12 AM

eating-healthy.jpgAll your life, you’ve looked forward to eating out; it’s relaxing, enjoyable and typically delicious food. Unfortunately, eating out every day is often bad for the waistline and the wallet.

What if you could eat out every day and not have to worry about the bill nor finding a healthy option on the menu?

This is one of the many desires today’s active seniors want in retirement living. That is why independent living communities now include restaurant-style dining, bistros, coffee shops and more. Dining plans and services focus on providing residents healthy eating options so they no longer have to worry about cooking, cleaning or grocery shopping.

No More Meal Planning

Gone are the days of trying to plan all of your meals for the week ahead. At an independent living community with a dining plan, you no longer have to worry about finding recipes that will give you the nutrition you need without sacrificing taste — the chef will do all of that for you. On a daily basis, you can have meals that are nutritious and delicious prepared for you.

No More Grocery Lists

When you leave behind the burden of cooking, you also get rid of grocery shopping. Bonus! For the few snacks and grocery items you do want in your home, many independent living communities provide transportation to nearby shopping or even grocery services. Spend your newly found free time picking up an extra pottery or aerobics class or try something new.

No More Clean Up

When you don’t cook, you also don’t have to clean up. With an independent living dining plan, staff is there to handle all clean up, again giving you more time to enjoy the things you love to do. Go to the library, head to your card club, embrace life and find joy.

A move to an independent living community, such as Eskaton, can take the stress of mealtime away. And that’s just one of the many benefits. Find out why everyone’s talking about independent living!

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