26 March, 2021 | 1 min read

Protecting your Heart by Practicing Meditation

What is good for the mind tends to be good for the heart. Not only can meditation improve heart health, but practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can can improve your outlook on life. Remember that sitting and being still is not the only way to practice meditation. Try these moving meditations for a new spin on mindfulness:

1. Yoga – The superpower of yoga comes from the slow movements, controlled breathing and mental focus. It can also train you to breath during times of stress.

2. Tai Chi– Accessible and low-impact, tai chi incorporates slow movements, deep breathing, and awareness of the mind-body connection.

3. Swimming – When done with focus, this low-impact activity incorporates steady and repetitive movements that can help you connect mind and body.



4. Walking – The easiest form of exercise, your daily stroll can become a meditative practice simply by walking with intention, being aware of your breath and recognizing how your weight shifts from one foot to the other. 

5. Daily Tasks – Ordinary tasks can transform from mundane to an intentional practice. Instead of performing daily chores on “autopilot,” focus on the task as well as your intention behind each task.

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