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Sleep Tips for Seniors to Have a More Restful Night

Tossing and turning? Sleeping well instead? How you sleep can greatly impact your daily interactions - and your overall quality of life. Although age can affect sleep patterns, you should strive for 7 to 9 hours a night according to the National Institute on Aging. 

 There are signals, however, that you might not be getting the rest you need, such as: 

  • Waking up feeling tired every day 
  • Unable to go to sleep or to stay asleep 
  • Experiencing memory problems or forgetfulness 
  • Feeling irritable or depressed 
  • Balance issues 

 If you’re finding sleep more difficult, consider the sleep tips for seniors included below and talk to your health care provider. 

 The advantages of a good night’s sleep for seniors  

 A healthy sleep routine can provide the following benefits: 

  1. A learning and memory brain boost
    Healthy sleep is about both quality and quantity. If you consistently find it difficult to get the right amount you need, you may experience more of a challenge to hold on to new information and recall memories. 
  2. Supports emotional health
    Sleep provides your brain the chance to process your emotions, helping to decrease negative reactions. If your lack of sleep is chronic, you may experience an increased risk of developing depression, anxiety or panic disorders.
  3. Lowers risk for heart disease
    Your body continues working while you sleep, providing a break for your heart and blood vessels. As your blood pressure lowers, your cardiac health can improve. 
  4. Resets your blood sugar levels
    While in a deep sleep, the amount of glucose in your blood drops, making it easier for your body to respond to your cells’ needs. This can also lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  5. Helps fight off germs
    Good sleep can help your immune system work more efficiently at identifying harmful bacteria and viruses and to destroy them. Those who suffer frequent bouts of sleeplessness can become ill more often.
  6. Aid in weight control
    There is a connection between being well-rested and feelings of hunger. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect hormones that control your appetite. A healthy diet and exercise also may aid in the quality of sleep. 

Source: webmd 

Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted living

Sleep tips for seniors 

 Steps you take before you go to bed can greatly affect your quality of sleep at night. Following these sleep tips for seniors may help you get the rest your body and mind needs to live and age well: 

  1. Keep a regular sleep schedule
    Going to sleep and getting up at the same time, even on weekends, can help you establish a regular routine for healthy rest. Your body will become used to this schedule, making it easier to maintain.
  2. Develop a personal bedtime routine
    People who sleep well often follow a nightly routine. Consider this sleep tip for seniors and find what works best for you, whether it’s taking a relaxing bath, reading a book or listening to calming music. 
  3. Avoid television or using electronics before bedtime
    When occurring before bedtime, stimulating your mind or being exposed to the light from your laptop or phone is known to make it more difficult for sleep.
  4. Create a bedroom that’s inviting for rest
    Another sleep tip for seniors is to turn your bedroom into a quiet and restful space with soothing colors, comfortable bedding and just the right temperature - not too hot or cold.
  5. Avoid napping in the late afternoon
    If a nap helps you function better or is a chance to get your second wind, follow this sleep tip for seniors and avoid shutting your eyes in late afternoon or evening. Dozing too close to bedtime can make falling asleep more elusive.
  6. Exercise at the right time
    Exercising and staying active are great ways to promote a restful night but the sleep tip for seniors’ rule of thumb is to not participate in strenuous activities within three hours of your bedtime.
  7. Watch what you eat and drink before sleep
    Avoid large meals before bedtime as well as caffeine later in the day or in the evening as both can keep you awake. Another sleep tip for seniors? Alcohol consumption can also make it harder for you to stay asleep. 

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