17 November, 2021 | 2 min read

Team Eskaton Hits the Football Field to Help Prevent Seniors from Falling

Sacramento, CA (September 2016) -- Eskaton, a nonprofit community-based organization serving seniors throughout Northern California, released an innovative fall-prevention video. Just in time for the NFL football season, Eskaton’s No Falls League got out on the field and recorded a video for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day coming September 22, 2016.

The video “Ready Steady Balance” was named after the National Council on Aging’s 2016 initiative. Eskaton developed the video to highlight efforts in providing resources and programs to transform the aging experience while supporting larger efforts to reduce the number of falls. In the video, Eskaton’s Fall Prevention Team shows their peers how to have fun while exercising to improve balance and help prevent falls.

“We take a fun and new approach to teaching fall prevention, which can help reduce the number of falls each year,” said Eskaton’s fitness and wellness coordinator Christy Barry. “The specially designed fall prevention exercises help strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and build faster reaction times, just in case you do lose your balance.”

The No Falls League, comprised of 14 Eskaton independent living residents ages 67 to 95, wear football jerseys reflecting their ages. Led by Barry, the seniors in the video demonstrate several exercises showing how easy it is to improve balance and strength, helping to reduce fall risk. Low-impact exercises include knee lifts, weight shifting, shoulder rolls, overhead arm reach, arm reach across the chest and more. To watch the video and download a checklist, please visit www.eskaton.org/fall.

In addition to the fall-prevention video, Eskaton is offering fall-prevention assessments and classes. Between September 15 and 23, Eskaton communities will host exercise classes, such as Tai Chi or yoga, that are open to the public and will focus on better balance, strength and flexibility. “We want people to be aware that most falls are preventable, and we provide resources to seniors and their families,” said Barry. For a list of classes visit, http://blog.eskaton.org/class-schedule-fall-prevention.

According to the National Council on Aging, an older American is seen in the emergency room every 11 seconds for a fall, and a senior dies from a fall every 19 seconds – the leading cause of death among older adults. Eskaton continues to provide education and training for seniors year round to reduce the injury and fatality rate and improve quality of life.