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25 November, 2016 | 2 min read

Technology That Helps Your Parent Stay Healthy

smart-sensor-technology.jpgSmart technology has become part of our daily lives. From our phones, automobiles, and even our ovens, smart technology has changed the way we live.

And of course, it’s also changing the way we age.

How Smart Technology Prevented A Hospital Stay

Mary thanks the smart sensor technology in her assisted living apartment for helping her avoid a hospital stay.

It alerted staff at her assisted living community to frequent bathroom visits one night. After a check by a caregiver, it was determined Mary may have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), a diagnosis that can be easily treated, especially when caught early.

Mary avoided a lengthy hospital stay due to the smart sensor technology in her apartment.

How Does Smart Technology Work?

At Eskaton Assisted Living Lodges, the QuietCare® smart sensors, similar in size or even smaller than the sensor for a home security system, are strategically placed throughout an assisted living apartment. They are motion-based and detect movement in front of and around them, but cannot record pictures or sound.  

The sensors “learn” a resident’s normal daily activity and patterns and transmit data to a server 24/7. The system can detect changes such as sleeplessness, increased trips to the bathroom, or infrequencies in retrieving medication.  

The system alerts when something out of the ordinary happens. If a sensor sends an alert at Eskaton, the caregiver on duty will personally check in. The staff have personally seen how prompt and proactive personal care, resulting from a sensor alert, can prevent a more serious issue.

Technology Leads To Enhanced Care, Security, And Peace Of Mind

The Consumer Technology Association Market Report on Active Aging says the active aging market, which includes older adults and their caregivers, represented a $24.4 billion market opportunity in 2015 and is expected to grow to $42.7 billion in 2020.

"Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live—and active aging tech can dramatically improve our lives as we age,” says Gary Shapiro, CTA President and CEO, in BusinessWire.com.  “These innovative, connected technologies not only enable seniors to live safer, healthier and longer lives—whether through personal health technology or remote monitoring solutions—they also allow their caregivers to be more closely connected while they care for their aging loved ones."

The QuietCare® Smart Sensor Technology has become one more way we, at Eskaton, are fulfilling our mission to enhance the quality of life of seniors through innovative health, housing and social services. This mission statement leads us to continually look for innovative ways and creative solutions to ensure our residents are living life as independently and purposefully as possible.

A Smart New Look & Feel in Assisted Living]

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