2 February, 2017 | 1 min read

Ready for the Big Game

Eighty-four year old Teo is ready for the big game. Her excitement is radiating. Her posture is strong and she is excited to get on the field.

NFL_023 SQUARE 6x6.jpg

At the age of 60, Teo had several concerning health problems: back pain, high cholesterol and other ailments. After consulting her doctor, she decided then and there to take charge. She began exercising and chose to slowly eliminate alcohol, salt, red meat and fat from her diet.

Teo was born in the Philippines. Her father, a carpenter, worked hard. She learned to be independent, especially after the death of her mother. Interrupted by WWII, Teo’s education came to a halt. She left school early and explored other opportunities in life.

Despite these challenges, Teo had a fun childhood. Eventually she got married. When she was 39, she and her husband immigrated to Sacramento, California. When her husband passed years later, Teo sold their home and moved in with her daughter and grandchildren in Roseville. But Teo longed for adult companionship, so when her friend Grace mentioned Eskaton, Teo jumped at the chance, putting her name on the waiting list. Two and a half years later, Teo happily moved in.

Today, she is the picture of health. She is slim and trim, her back problems are gone and cholesterol levels are good. She walks one mile in the morning and a second mile in the early evening. She enjoys going to the Casino and spending time with her family. Teo is a lively lady and an inspiration to many. Watch her in this video.