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The Adventurous Life of Ed Klingelhofer

Posted by Eskaton on Feb 4, 2017 7:00:00 AM


by Chi Chi Ugorji, Victory High School Advanced Placement English Student


Ed Klingelhofer is a caring and driven, open-minded, and adventurous man. Born in East Amherst, New York, 1920, Ed began his journey. He went to school by the countryside, where students from grades kindergarten to eighth all shared one school room. After eighth grade, it was customary that boys would begin working, but Ed strived for an education. He went to Williamsville High School, and later ventured to the University of Buffalo and majored in business. Around this time, World War II had already commenced and the attack on Pearl Harbor deeply affected Ed. Because he felt called to aid the country in any way possible, Ed enlisted. He was fluent in French and knew a little German, so the army sent him to countries like: France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Ed later became a second lieutenant, and mainly helped those who had been deeply affected by the war.


While overseas, Ed was stationed in an Officer Candidate School where he met his wife. After four and a half years of service, they moved back to the states and started a family. Ed and his wife had two beautiful kids named Anne and Jon. Amidst raising children, Ed still desired to finish his schooling. With military funding, he was able to return to school and ended up working as a counselor for returning veterans. But it was not enough; Ed changed his major to psychology and attended graduate school at the University of Iowa, where he received a doctorate in psychology. After getting his degree, Ed’s adventurous side had been awakened. He moved his entire family to Africa to be a psychologist for those who did not get that kind of therapy. I asked him, “Who gave you leave to go to Africa??” And he replied, “the government!” Ed was willing to venture high and low to help those in need. He and his family absolutely loved Africa and were able to visit countries such as: Tanzania, Botswana, and Kenya.


Two years had passed when Ed moved back to the States. He began working at the University of California, Berkeley, and Sacramento State where he started programs for disadvantaged children. He traveled back and forth between the two schools to help students. As if he had not worked enough, Ed retired and started a whole new occupation: writing. He had always loved to write and decided there was no better time than the present. Ed published eleven books, his first one being “Coping with Your Grown Children.” He believes his most popular to be, “Fly Fishing California’s North Yuba River.” Ed never truly retired because he genuinely loves his work. He continues to write because it makes him happy.


Ed is truly a funny guy. When I asked him why he chose Eskaton he nonchalantly said, “just a couple of strokes.” He has really lived life to his full potential and feels that he has accomplished everything he has desired to do. Ed offers excellent advice: “Hold your temper, learn to work hard, and stay focused.” I’m so encouraged by you, Ed. Keep pushing, you’re almost 100!!!


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