26 March, 2019 | 2 min read

How to Talk with Your Parents About Moving to Senior Living


Tips for Broaching the Topic of Senior Living Communities with Your Parents

The idea of talking to your parents about senior living communities can be nerve-racking. You may fear that they will be angry at the suggestion and shut down the conversation. Or, perhaps, you are afraid to hurt your parents’ feelings by bringing it up. While it can be difficult to broach this topic with your aging parents, it is also necessary. The good news is that the way you approach this conversation can make a big difference in how your parents receive it. Keep reading for three tips on easing into the conversation about senior living communities with your parents.

Look through all of the options

If you are nervous about broaching the topic of senior living communities with your parents then start by looking at all the potential options. Even if your parents are currently in good physical and mental health there will come a time when they need additional help. Do they have a plan for getting the help they need? Potential options include assistance from family, in-home care, assisted living as well as other types of senior living communities. Talking about all the potential options will allow you to bring up assisted living in the natural flow of the conversation. This may keep your parents from immediately shutting down the conversation at the first mention of moving.

Compare the costs

Once you have opened up the line of communication about future care options for your parents, you can help them compare the costs of those options. Assistance from family and in-home care both come with the continuing costs of homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, home maintenance, utilities and possibly a mortgage. In a senior living community your parents will have to pay for their care and their stay, but many of the costs associated with owning a home will be gone. You can use this cost comparison guide to develop a detailed comparison of the costs. Looking at the numbers is a way to broach the topic of senior living communities in a logical fashion. This can help skeptical parents see the value in making a move.

Suggest a visit

Look at the calendar of events for the senior living communities in your area to see what they offer. If you find an activity that you think would interest your parents, then suggest a visit. This is a way for your parents to ease into the idea of moving into a senior living community. They can participate in something they enjoy and make connections with current residents. Participating in an activity at a senior living community that is open to the public may be the impetus you need to start the conversation about making a move in the future.

It is difficult to predict how a conversation about senior living communities with your parents will go. Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised and find your parents receptive to the idea. If not, there is no need to despair. Follow the tips mentioned above and keep learning about the resources available to your parents as they age. You are advocating for their wellbeing and once your parents understand that, they will be much more likely to receive your ideas and opinions of their care options as they age.

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