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Tips for Finding the Right Assisted Living Community for Your Parents

Tips for Finding the Right Assisted Living Community for Your ParentsFinding the right assisted living community for your parents can feel intimidating. After all, both you and your parents want the new community to feel like home. With so much riding on this decision it can be difficult to know where to start. If you and your partner are struggling to determine what elements to focus on in your search, start with these four tips: Look for communities that can support your parents’ uniqueness. Determine which amenities are the most important to your parents. Consider the impact of location. Schedule community tours.  

Look for communities that can support your parents’ uniqueness 

First and foremost include your parent in your search. You will want to look for communities that can meet your parents uniqueness. Consider their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Senior living communities are traditionally defined by what type of support they offer but many communities today now offer expansive wellness programs to better meet the diverse needs of your aging parent. The level of care offered in assisted living can range from level one-medication assistance and minimal basic care services-all the way to level four-extensive assistance with personal care and daily needs. You can see a breakdown of each level of care that can potentially be offered through assisted living here. As you read through the levels of care you will likely get a sense of what level of support would best meet your parents need. Communities do vary so be sure and confirm that any community you are considering offers the level of care that meets your parents need.  

Determine which amenities are the most important to your parents

Top notch assisted living communities have a long list of available amenities. But, you will find that the exact amenities offered vary. Talk to your parents about which amenities are most important to them. This will help you find the right assisted living community for them. For example, if your parents enjoy eating out then you can look for a community that offers restaurant style dining. There are many more examples of amenities that you can discuss with your parents. Look at each community you are considering to get a complete list of amenities offered.

Consider the impact of location

If your parents have deep ties to their community then the best option for assisted living may need to be dictated by location. If your parents have their doctors, church, friends, family, and favorite hangouts in a certain neighborhood then start your search there. The transition into assisted living will be much less disruptive if your parents are able to remain somewhere that is familiar and convenient.

Schedule community tours

The final tip to help you and your parents find the right assisted living community is to schedule and go on community tours. Bringing your parents for the tour is highly encouraged. You can learn a lot about the communities you are considering for your parents when you visit them. Community tours will allow you to see the accommodations firsthand and talk to staff about any specific questions or concerns you may have. Be sure to ask questions about their philosophy of care and their approach to wellness.

Following these four tips will help you and your parents find the right assisted living community. When you feel like you have found a community where your parents’ physical, social, and emotional needs will be met then you have found a winner. If you want even more tips and advice on finding the right assisted living community take a look at Eskaton’s resource page and blog.

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