3 October, 2022 | 12 min read

Tips for Seniors to Connect with Their Grandchildren

There is nothing quite like the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. 

It’s easy to find the magic in every moment they spend together, whether it’s a trip to the zoo, reading a favorite book or playing a game together. 

As they grow older, it may become increasingly difficult to find ways to connect with grandchildren, especially in our digital age where electronic devices seem to be their constant companions.  

Tips to connect with grandchildren 

Below are some great tips you can try the next time you are struggling to find common ground with your grandchildren.  

Tip #1: Join Them On Social Media 

One way you can connect with them is by joining in on the activities they enjoy. Many adolescents spend time on social media and you can follow along in their daily lives  through their posts (with their permission of course). 

If you’re not already active on social media, consider creating accounts for yourself. It’s a wonderful way to connect with family and friends and who knows, you may enjoy posting your own content! 

Tip #2: Spend Quality Time Together 

It’s often difficult to find time to connect with your grandchildren one-on-one. Sadly, many families end up only seeing each other on the holidays. 

Fostering these connections is crucial, however. Making the time to truly get to know your grandchildren on a deeper level will help build that relationship over time. 

Create a list of activities you may enjoy doing together and topics of conversation that will help you connect. 

We love witnessing memories being made within our Eskaton communities. Visitors are welcome and can join in on a fun activity or a delicious meal with their loved ones and experience that quality time that is so important. 

Tip #3: Teach Them a New Skill 

Share your passions and the things you’ve learned with your grandchildren. You may be an expert at something they would really love to learn – be their mentor! 

The sky is the limit. Do you enjoy baking? Pass down some of your favorite recipes (don’t forget to share the magic ingredients!). Is there an instrument you know how to play? Ask them if they would like to learn how to create some beautiful music with you. 

You have so much to offer and your grandchildren will cherish these moments you create together. Just the Facts: Your Guide to Assisted living    

Tip #4: Encourage Them To Get To Know You 

Earlier we mentioned the importance of joining your grandchildren in activities they enjoy. It’s important for them to get to know who you are as well! 

What are some life lessons you can pass down to them? Maybe it’s your wonderful sense of humor and the importance of staying positive in every situation. Maybe it’s your love of literature and the arts. Whatever it may be, show your grandchildren your heart and they will appreciate you for it. 

If in-person sharing is a challenge, you can write them letters or even create videos of yourself sharing these passions. 

Tip #5: Be Exactly Who You Are 

Many grandparents don’t feel connected with their grandchildren because they don’t see themselves as the "warm and fuzzy” type, the grandparents you often see in movies who bake their loved ones cookies every time they come over. 

That is completely okay. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. 

Maybe you are the type of grandparent that wants to share an incredible dining experience with your grandchildren. Or the one who wants to watch comedy shows and enjoy a night out. Whoever you are, don’t deprive your loved ones from seeing YOU! 

Tip #6: Help Them Connect With Their Parents 

You have something very special in your possession; knowledge of who your grandchildren’s parents really are. 

Grandparents hold a very special role in the family, they are the glue that often connects children with their parents. 

Share stories with your grandchildren about what their parents were like growing up. Anecdotes and stories of challenges can help them feel less alone in the world and will help them see their parents as real people instead of simply authority figures. 

Don’t be afraid to share the funny stories as well, this is a wonderful way to foster the connection between your grandchildren and their parents. 

Tip #7: Let Them Know You’re Always There 

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you always have someone in your corner no matter what. 

Showing your grandchildren that you love them unconditionally and will support them no matter what will make a world of difference in their confidence levels. 

Your relationship with your grandchildren is completely unique and unlike any other relationship you’ve had in your life. If you have been lucky enough to experience a close relationship with your own grandparents, you will understand the importance of continuing that legacy. If you haven’t, you can create that tradition now with your own grandchildren! 

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