6 February, 2017 |

War Veteran Lowell E. “Mike” Grace by Kristina Kirilyuk

by Kristina Kirilyuk, Victory High School Advanced Placement English Student


Lowell E. Grace, war veteran and retired accountant, has enjoyed his stay at Eskaton for two years now. He also goes by “Mike Grace.” Lowell just turned ninety-two a few days ago but is still lively and loves exciting things, such as travelling. Throughout his whole life he loved to travel. With his wife and three sons, they had road-tripped to most of America, Canada, and Alaska.


Growing up, Lowell lived in Iowa, but moved to California when he was just ten years old. Lowell loved this change. In high school, his passion for accounting began. Accounting always interested Lowell. He pursued this career in college, where he eventually met his wife Juliette. As the years passed, Lowell and Juliette had five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


Two of the most memorable moments in Lowell’s life were his deployment to Guam and the death of his wife. His wish to this day would be to continue travelling the world with his wife. Through all his years of life Lowell learned to have a “positive attitude,” and to “not focus on the bad things in life.


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