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29 August, 2016 | 7 min read

Weekly Wellness Tip: Healthy Kitchen Hacks

Weekly Wellness Tip

August 29, 2016


Healthy Kitchen Hacks


                                  DIY Smoothie Packs

                                     Prepackage all ingredients for your

 Eskaton_Blog_DIY_Smoothy_Mix.jpgmorning smoothies and place in

the freezerfor an easy-to-grab

and make smoothie.


Sub in Avocado

The next time your dish calls for milk, butter, cream, or cheese, switch it with an avocado-substitution for a healthier option.  Avocados can up the fiber content and heart-healthy fats in your favorite recipes.


Divide your Salad

Buying in bulk saves money, but you don’t want your greens to wilt before using them.  The trick: divide your big container of greens into 2-4 smaller plastic bags.  Place your fist over the opening, blowing through your hand and into the bag to fill it with air.  Then seal the bag by twisting the top a few times before closing firmly with a twist tie; place it in the fridge, and your greens are good to go.


Skip the Pasta – Bring in the Veggies

Swap your noodles for veggies and cut carbs while bringing more nutrition to your plate. 


Pack Salads for a Full Week

Packing salads correctly will make them last for a week without losing crispiness.  When making salads for the week make sure your Tupperware is flat and rectangular in shape (this gives the veggies more space to spread out, preventing  sogginess)   and follow these guidelines:

1.Start with the greens. 2.Add the veggies, beans, and fruit. 3. Add protein.

(First three days only; add protein to other two salads on Wednesday)

4. Keep dressing separate until the moment you eat your salad.


Bring in the Beans

With the fiber, protein, and iron content found in beans, it is important to add more legumes in your diet. 


Go Greek

Skip the oil, butter and heavy cream while bumping up calcium, protein, and probiotic levels with Greek Yogurt.  It can easily sub in for mayo, sour cream and heavy milk in many recipes.


Store for Freshness

Make sure you know where your most common produce should be stored, whether it should be at room temperature, on a refrigerator shelf, or in the crisper(coldest fridge drawer).


Bake with Applesauce

Applesauce works as a substitute for both eggs and butter.  With butter, the ratio of applesauce to butter is one to one.  For eggs, one large egg is equal to ¼ cup of applesauce.



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