11 October, 2022 | 2 min read

What comes first: Sell my current home or secure my senior community home?

sell-home.jpgDeciding to move into independent living is a big step. It takes a strong will to make the decision, but it should give you peace of mind for a safe and secure future. There is one thing, however, that you must do before you move: sell your current house.

Figuring out the right time to sell your house is always tricky, and it seems like it’s an even more delicate balance when you have to secure your spot in an independent living community.

It seems more difficult than it really is. There will always be things that you cannot control, such as the sale of your home or the length of the waitlist, but if you know the factors in the game, you can make an informed decision about when to take each step.

Step 1: Find your desired independent living community. Figuring out exactly where you want to be will likely be the longest part of the process. Give yourself enough time to figure out what you do and do not like about various communities so that you can choose your perfect new home.

Step 2: Ask about the waitlist. There are different kinds of waitlists, and each community will have their own rules, regulations, and lengths. If you have a specific floor plan that you want, ask if there is a waitlist for that specific layout.

Step 3: Make a decision. If the waitlist is long, sign up right away. Then you can sell your home while waiting for the list to shrink. Some communities offer the ability to deny an apartment when it is first offered to you, which is a helpful option to have if you are waiting on that sale check to make your first payment to your new community.

Step 4: List your house. Choosing a realtor is key here. There are realtors that specialize in helping seniors sell or buy homes, and they can be a valuable asset in finding the perfect buyer for your house.

Step 5: Sell your house. Make sure that your house is sale-ready by beginning your downsizing efforts early. A decluttered and clean house can work wonders! It will help potential buyers see this house as their own, and you can give another family the opportunity to create memories in that space.

Step 6: Move! When you reach the top of the waitlist, you can move into your new home, whether or not you’ve sold your previous one. It’s time for you to find yourself at home in your new community!

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