17 February, 2022 | 3 min read

What Does Your Favorite Food Say About You?

favorite-food (1).jpgA bowl of potato chips or a handful of chocolate? A cheeseburger or chicken adobo? Which would you choose?

We all have different tastes, cravings, and preferences when it comes to food. Is it genetics and taste buds that determine what tempts our tummies? Or, is more about who we are, our personalities and backgrounds, that push us toward sushi vs. spaghetti?

Recent studies show personality traits likely influence your palate more than you thought.

Through our food preferences and choices, we reveal inner thoughts, feelings, wishes, and desires,” according to Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

What Do Your Favorite Foods Say About You?

A Little Salty. Maybe just when it comes to long lines or technology updates. Those who enjoy salty foods can be easily frustrated at little inconveniences, and overall, they are competitive, ambitious and crave rewards, according to research by Hirsch.  

A Sweetheart. Chocolate lovers just want to save the world. They are agreeable, compassionate, flirtatious—although emotionally vulnerable and may have a penchant for drama.

Comfy in Carbs. If you want to shout, “I love bread!” then you probably have a lot more to say, too. Carb lovers are thoughtful with a lot to say, but like to have boundaries. You find what’s familiar and comfortable, and you stick with it.

Limitless with Lemons.  If you like sour and tart flavors, or anything that makes you pucker, then you likely have a tolerance for extreme flavors, new foods, and new experiences in life. You don’t immediately reject things and are willing to go beyond the limits.

Hot and Spicy. If you love peppers, salsa, and anything spicy, you are likely a thrill seeker, according to a Penn State study. The scientists speculate eating foods with capsaicin, the compounds that gives peppers their power, can simulate the adrenaline rush of living on the edge.

Exotic. If you’re willing to try anything once—even Cambodian fried spiders—then you’re flexible and not easily shaken. An adventurer, you like to take risks and are seen as outgoing and brave. You look forward to your next adventure in food—and in life.

Proper Nutrition For Seniors

Whether you like it salty or sweet, remember to eat a variety of foods to help you maintain a healthy diet as you age. The benefits of proper nutrition for seniors range from higher energy levels to increased mental capacity to improved immunity. Food should be enjoyable while also fueling your body to live stronger.

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