18 November, 2021 | 3 min read

What Life Lessons Seniors Can Learn From Kids

seniors-learn-from-kids.jpgChildren can be surprising sources of insight and truth. While their statements are often dismissed, they can contain profound wisdom. But it’s not just insight children have to offer that can teach seniors important life lessons. The lessons below are equally important and beneficial reasons why older adults need to be around children more often.

Life Lessons Seniors Can Learn From Kids

Stay in Motion

Young children are always on the go. They are curious creatures by nature — always exploring new things and learning so much through those explorations. They’re constantly getting into things, discovering new adventures, and yes…moving! They never stop. Until they stop. Motion is a good thing — for children and older adults alike. Especially when it is motion with purpose.

Put the Past Behind You

Children do not hold on to the past. They move on even if they make mistakes or other people make mistakes when dealing with them. They do not hold grudges. This capacity diminishes some with age, but it’s important for adults to learn the value of not being held back by the past. We all make mistakes. It’s important to forgive ourselves and put the past behind us, just as it is important to forgive others.

Be Creative

Get messy. Try new things. Each new activity, game, craft, or failure is a lesson waiting to be learned. The more time you spend engaged in creative pursuits the less time you have to worry about things like boredom.

Dream Big

Children aren’t held back by constraints like money, race, religion, or even age. If they want to be a doctor, that’s what they’ll be. Some want to be astronauts when they grow up and they pursue their dreams with a relentlessness that is completely admirable until a new dream comes along. The point is they set lofty goals and don’t hold back.

Nothing is Impossible

This is one that’s so hard for adults, but as natural as breathing for children. The result is that children try more things. They take more risks. And they have more fun. Everyone needs a little more fun in life. That often begins by embracing a “can do” attitude and not being held back by thoughts of “impossible.”

Now is the perfect time to color outside the lines, create a masterpiece, learn something new, travel the world, and do the impossible. If you need a little help, talk to anyone under the age of five for a while. They’ve got this down.

Eskaton residents have plenty of opportunities to interact and learn from kids. One of Eskaton’s signature programs is “Eskaton Kids Connection”, which partners local elementary schools with Eskaton communities to create intergenerational friendships.




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