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Why Today’s Seniors Love Community Living

Posted by Eskaton on Jun 21, 2016 6:49:32 AM

senior-community-living.jpgThere is a lot to love about living in a senior community. Some are more obvious than others. These are a few of the many reasons seniors are changing their own stories by thriving in an independent living community.

There’s a Lot to Love About Senior Living Communities

The Fun Factor

There’s always something going on. While activities vary greatly from community to community, there are almost always daily calendars filled with opportunities to socialize, exercise, craft, create, watch, learn, and do. Many communities offer attractive amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, beautiful grounds, gardening activities, and social directors who are constantly finding new things to keep the community engaged and entertained.

Some would even say it’s like living on a cruise ship that never leaves the dock. You just might find that it’s even better because you have something to look forward to every day – and a much larger living space!

Low Maintenance Living

Most retirement community have staff on hand to cover things like appliance failure, air conditioning repairs, roofing repairs, raking, mowing, and shoveling sidewalks in winter. Many even offer dining options and housekeeping services for an additional fee. This makes it easier to focus on things like living with purpose and life enriching opportunities rather than dealing with household chores.

New Social Connections and Friends

For many seniors, community living is an opportunity to develop a new social circle and make new friends. This is important at a time when many older adults are moving closer to grandchildren, families, or into senior communities of their own. There are so many new people to get to know and build connections with – or find common ground. You may even find a new knitting buddy or someone to play tennis with. Someone may share your passion for professional sports or classic films.

The Comfort of Security

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of calling a senior living community home is the security it provides. There is safety in numbers. This is always the case. With senior living communities, though, there is always someone to check up on you if no one has seen you in a while. The modern homes are also generally well-lit and there is staff on-site all day and night for further security – in addition to the emergency response systems all units are equipped with in case they fall or have a medical emergency.

For these reasons, and many more, seniors today are loving senior community living.

Eskaton communities are transforming the aging experience. Come and take a look today.

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