18 December, 2019 | 1 min read

Are Senior Living Communities Expensive in Sacramento, CA?

There are a number of factors to consider when thinking about moving from your Sacramento home into a senior living community. One factor people often consider at the beginning of the process is cost. Do all the senior living communities in Sacramento, CA cost about the same? Are senior living communities in this area expensive? Getting your questions about cost answered will help you with the process of finding a senior living community that meets your needs.

The average costs

The average monthly cost in 2018 for an assisted living community in California comes in at $4,500. In the Sacramento area, the average is a little lower at $4,473. (You can search various regions throughout the country with a tool provided by Genworth.) Getting familiar with the average costs of senior living communities in your area will help you weed out the options that vary too far from that average. If you find a community you love but it comes at a higher price, ask why. The community may offer amenities or services that other places do not. Knowing what prices are standard in your market will help you avoid overpaying.

The real numbers

It is good to know the averages for your area but eventually you need to get the real numbers from the communities you are considering. When you narrow your options down to a few contenders, it is time to get a breakdown of the actual monthly costs at each community. You need to know how much it costs to be a resident and what is included. There are some amenities included in the price you pay and others that cost extra. Ask for a full list of monthly and yearly costs at each community so you and your family can sit down and look at the options together.  

The comparison to the cost of staying home

Some people initially are put off when they see the average costs of a senior living community. Before you abandon your search, take a few minutes to consider what expenses will be eliminated when you move out of your home. Your mortgage, property taxes, utilities, lawn maintenance, and repair costs will all disappear once you sell your home and move into a senior living community. When you consider the savings you may find that senior living communities seem much more affordable.

There is a cost associated with moving into a senior living community and many people are afraid of what those costs will be. The only way to truly determine if you can afford to move into a senior living community in Sacramento, CA is to get started with the process of finding one that meets your needs. Once you have some options, you can get the real numbers for the communities you are interested in and determine which one best meets your needs.

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