2 November, 2021 | 2 min read

Best Independent Living Communities in Northern California

Best Independent Living Communities in Northern California

Making the move from your home into an independent living community can be exciting and a little scary-just like any big change. You can minimize the apprehensions you feel about transitioning into independent living by making sure that you are moving into the very best community available. In Northern California there are a number of excellent options for independent living.

Eskaton currently offers residents in Northern California eight different independent living communities to choose from: Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay, Eskaton Monroe Lodge, Eskaton Village Carmichael, Eskaton Village Grass Valley, Eskaton Village Placerville, Eskaton Village Roseville, Altavita Village, and O’Conner Woods. Each Eskaton community is held to the highest standard of service to residents. But, you do not have to take our word for it. Take some time to look at each option you are considering. You can learn a lot about an independent living community by listening to what others are saying, looking at awards, and visiting the community.

Listen to what others are saying

The things that current residents have to say about an independent living community can help you have better understand what to expect when you make the move. You can watch videos and read true stories of Eskaton residents who are living their best lives in one of our communities. You can also find resident and family testimonials on the description pages for the individual communities labeled as ‘grateful moments.’ Testimonials and resident stories can give you a glimpse into the culture and experience available in independent living.

Look at awards, honors, and achievements

Eskaton independent living communities have been honored many times as the best in California. You can see a complete list of Eskaton’s outstanding achievements here. Eskaton independent living communities are top rated on care.com and are regularly recognized as ‘best of’ in local publications in Northern California. The awards, honors, and achievements of an independent living community are elements that set the best apart from all the others.

Visit the communities

Listening to testimonials and reading about achievements will help you narrow down your options for independent living. The final step in the process of choosing the best independent living community for you is to see what they offer firsthand. You can visit any of the Eskaton independent living communities and see the available floor plans, amenities, and local neighborhood. Visiting the communities will help you decide which one is best choice for your future home.

You do not have to settle for a subpar independent living community. Eskaton offers the best independent living communities in Northern California as evidenced by our resident testimonials and long list of achievements. Schedule a community tour to see for yourself exactly what makes the Eskaton independent living communities the best in Northern California.

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