2 November, 2021 | 6 min read

Eskaton’s No Falls League Shares Moves for a Healthy Stance

Go_Eskaton_042.jpgResidents from Eskaton’s two Roseville communities teamed up to promote National Fall Prevention Month this September. Led by their coach, Christy Barry, an Eskaton Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, the No Falls League developed a video to encourage people to exercise. These men and women, ages 67 to 95 years old, demonstrate low impact exercises. Regardless of age, these seniors prove exercise can be fun and easy for anyone. The moves Team Eskaton demonstrate on the football field are designed to strengthen muscles, improve coordination and reduce one’s risk of falling by creating better balance.

"Gaining better balance is essential for the aging population," says Coach Barry. "One in three people over the age of 65 will fall this year. In the Sacramento region alone that can be well over 100,000 people." Barry teaches a ‘Balance and Breathing’ class weekly at Eskaton Village Roseville. The training starts by building confidence as the brain relearns how to move. As the body regains its balance capabilities, the individual feels success and moves on to more complicated mobility actions. "Once the brain remembers how to move and balance, the body reacts accordingly," she says.

Barry’s students have improved their balance with excellent results. One woman who hiked a narrow switchback trail said the side steps she’d done in class, plus the exercises for good posture, helped her complete the hike with confidence. Another woman on a cruise ship used the weight shifting exercises to navigate the ocean’s movement when she was standing still. Others told their coach of maintaining balance after missing a step because exercising regularly improved their reaction time.

Eskaton created the No Falls Video with Team Eskaton to give seniors a place to start improving their balance in a fun way. In addition to the ‘how to’ video, Eskaton is offering fall prevention classes open to the public.




Start today improving your balance and reducing your fall risk. Here are 10 easy moves for a healthy stance.

Sit up straight, chest lifted, engage the core.
Sitting up with back off the chair.
Engaging the core muscles to help you sit upright.
Shoulders down and back and chest lifted.

Shoulder Rolls
Keeping good posture seated, repeat 5 times.
Keeping good posture, roll shoulders backwards and forwards. 

Overhead Arm Reach
Seated, reach 1 o’clock, hold 5 seconds, switch sides, repeat 5 times each side
Right arm overhead if shoulders allow and stretch to 11 o’clock.
Hold 5 seconds as comfortable then switch to the left. Repeat 5 times.

Arm Reach Across Chest
Seated, reach across chest, hold 5 seconds, switch sides, repeat 5 times each side.
Right arm across chest to stretch. Hold 5 seconds as comfortable then switch to the left. Repeat 5 times.

Neck Turn
Hold 5 seconds, repeat 3 to 5 times as comfortable.
Keeping good posture, turn head to right slowly, hold 5 seconds and turn left, hold 5 seconds. Repeat 3 – 5 times as comfortable. 

Heel Lift/Toe Raises
Standing, using chair for balance, repeat 5 times.
Hands on back of chair, lift the heels off the floor, then press down and raise the toes to warm up and strengthen ankles. Repeat 5 times as comfortable.

Weight Shift Front and Back
Standing, using chair for balance, repeat 5 times.
Standing at the side of the chair, use one hand for balance – right leg steps forward, shifting your weight and comes back to center with legs together then switch to the left leg. Repeat 5 times as comfortable.

Weight Shift Right and Left
Standing, using chair for balance, repeat 5 times each leg.
Holding on the back of chair, step with the right leg to the right side, shifting your weight, and then step to center. Repeat 5 times.

Knee Lifts
Standing, use chair for balance, repeat 5 times each leg.
Hold on to side of chair, lift right knee up and down, then left knee up and down.  Repeat 5 times.

Side Leg Lifts
Standing behind chair, repeat 5 times each leg.
Lift right leg to right side just so toe comes off the floor if hip allow then back together.
Lift left leg to left and back together. Repeat 5 times.

As your strength improves, work your way up to 15 repetitions, only if it feels comfortable.