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How to Determine When It's Time to Move to Assisted Living

How to Determine if it is Time for Your Parents to Move into Assisted Living

Senior adults often need the assistance of loved ones to decide when it is time to get more help with daily tasks. As an adult child of aging parents, you are in a unique, and sometimes difficult position. You may have to start taking a more active role in helping your parents with important decisions. One of the biggest decisions your parents will make as they age is where to live during their golden years. You can help them determine when it is time to move into assisted living by keeping an eye out for a few telltale signs.

Your parents are having difficulty maintaining their home

One of the first indications that your parents may need to move into assisted living is when they start having difficulty keeping up with home maintenance. Big tasks like yard maintenance and cleaning are often hired out because they can be difficult to maintain by people of any age. If you notice that even the smaller tasks are going undone then it may be time to intervene. Have you noticed that the trash keeps piling up instead of making it to the curb for pickup? Are there areas of the home that need small repairs but remain incomplete? If your parents are unable to address small home maintenance issues they can quickly turn into large-and potentially dangerous-home maintenance issues.

Your parent’s home no longer meets their needs

As your parents age, their level of mobility can start to decrease. If they live in a house with steps at the entryway or stairs inside, they may begin to have difficulty navigating those areas. The next time you are with them at the home, pay attention to how easily they navigate throughout it. If they are having trouble then it is an indication that it’s time to move into assisted living. Assisted living communities are designed with the mobility needs of aging adults in mind. Your parents will be able to safely navigate the areas in assisted living even if their mobility decreases over time.

Your parents increasingly need your help

If you notice that your parents increasingly need your help with tasks they could once do independently then it may be time for assisted living. Are your parents finding it difficult to prepare themselves meals and clean up after eating? Do they depend on you to get them to all of their appointments because they can no longer drive? Are they having trouble with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene? In assisted living, your parents can get help with all of the tasks mentioned above and many more that come up as they age.

If you have noticed any of the changes mentioned above in your parents then now is the time to broach the topic of assisted living. Moving into assisted living is a big step and your parents will likely need your assistance and encouragement throughout the decision making process. Eskaton has a long list of resources available about assisted living that you and your parents can explore together.

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