23 December, 2019 | 2 min read

The Many Benefits of Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities provide a long list of benefits to residents. A top notch community will provide an independent living option with services, hospitality-style amenities, relief from the burden of caring for a home, and opportunities to connect with others. If you are considering making a move from your home into some type of community, keep reading to learn about the many benefits of independent living.

Independent living with services

Independent living with services means that you get to live as independently as you want but have access to services if needed. Independent living communities provide residents with opportunities to live an active lifestyle while providing the convenience and assurance of support if needed. If you are in a place where you do not need help with activities of daily living but no longer want to maintain a home – independent living is a great option. If you need occasional support but are mostly self-sufficient, an independent living community may still be an option. You can learn more details about independent living with services here.

Hospitality-style amenities

Many modern independent living communities offer residents hospitality-style amenities. These amenities can include things like an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, on-site salon, restaurant-style dining, and a pet-friendly environment to name a few. The exact amenities that are offered will vary with each community. You can learn about the amenities offered at the communities you are considering by visiting the community website and scheduling a tour.

Remove the burden of caring for a home

Another benefit of moving into an independent living community is that it can remove the burden of caring for a home. Maintaining a home is a lot of work and tasks like cleaning, yardwork, and routine maintenance may become more difficult as you age. In an independent living community, tasks like housekeeping, home maintenance, and yardwork are taken care of for you. In addition, variable costs like utilities and extras such as cable and Wi-Fi are often included in the price you pay for an independent living community. This takes away the stress that can come with unexpected changes in your variable bills and provides you with set costs each month.

Provides opportunities to connect with others

Moving into an independent community will also provide you with opportunities to connect with others through life-enriching programs like Eskaton Kids Connect and through planned resident events. Because you have the freedom to be independent, you can pursue activities with other residents or enjoy your privacy. This design allows you to live the type of life that you want whether that involves daily activities with others or daily independent walks in the gardens around the community.

The benefits that an independent living community can provide include much more than the four mentioned above. You can learn more about specific communities and the amenities at each one by visiting the independent living page at Eskaton.org.

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