18 December, 2019 | 2 min read

How to Choose A Senior Independent Living Community in Sacramento, CA

An independent living community can provide you access to a long list of amenities as well as opportunities to interact with others. You can maintain your independence and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is nearby should you ever need it. There are many different types of senior living communities available in a city the size of Sacramento, CA. How do you choose the one that is best for you?

Starting the search online is an easy way to get general information about several different options. Talking to family and friends can provide you with personal recommendations. Scheduling tours of the communities will give you an insider’s look into what each has to offer. These three steps will help you narrow down the options so you can make an informed decision.

Start your search online

Any senior independent living community you consider should have some type of online presence. You can find out general information such as location, size, and contact information with a quick online search. Some communities have extensive websites that provide more detailed information such as lists of amenities, community descriptions, and other resources. Use the information provided online to start making a list of independent living communities in the Sacramento area that meet your criteria. This is a quick way to eliminate options that you know will not work.

Talk to friends and family

Talk to friends and family about your search for a senior independent living community in Sacramento. You may find that you know someone with firsthand experience with this process. Ask about the communities on your shortlist to find out if anyone you know has experience with those communities. Getting a personal recommendation or review of a community can help you feel confident in your decision to remove or keep it on your list of possibilities.

Schedule community tours

The element that will be the most impactful in your search for a senior independent living community is the community tour. You need to tour any community you are seriously considering as an option. These tours will provide you with a lot of information that you cannot get off of a website or from pictures.

You will not have trouble finding a long list of senior independent living communities in the Sacramento, CA area. However, you may struggle to narrow down the options so you can decide on the best one. Following the steps outlined above will help you move the process forward. If you need even more assistance, recruit the help of a trusted friend or family member. Bring that person along with you on community tours so you have a sounding board and a second opinion.

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